Central Texas College has adopted e-books (textbooks in electronic format) for many of our courses. At this time, not all instructional departments have adopted e-books for their courses. To determine if an e-book is adopted for your course, use the current search process found at: www.ctcd.edu/books  . The search results will display both the e-book version and the print version.

The movement toward electronic instructional resources can be confusing.  As you search for the instructional materials necessary for your course(s), keep the following in mind:

  • Before purchasing any resources, use www.ctcd.edu/books  to verify author, title, edition, and ISBN.
  • Purchasing an e-book not listed on www.ctcd.edu/books may result in the purchase of incorrect materials.
  • CTC utilizes some custom books that may not be available in an e-book format.
    • CTC utilizes publisher software for some courses. Publisher software:
      • Includes products such as MyLab, Mastering, MindLink, or Connect.
      • Is often bundled with the printed textbook.
      • May or may not include an e-book.
      • Other resources may not be included when purchasing a stand-alone e-book.
  • Because there are currently no technical standards for e-books, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure the e-book:
    • Has been adopted for use by CTC
    • Is compatible with the electronic hardware and software being used by the student i.e. computers, tablets, mobile devices, e-readers.
  • Things to consider when purchasing e-books:
    • Length of access
    • Availability offline
    • Printing capabilities
    • Technical requirements (browsers, plugins, etc.)

It is highly recommended that you contact the book seller to determine if the systems requirements for your e-book are compatible with your device and situation.