General Admission Information
Students wishing to attend Central Texas College should visit with the Education Center or Navy College Office representative to discuss their educational goals. Military facilities provide diagnostic, aptitude, and placement testing to assist students in selecting programs of study. Once students have identified and chosen an appropriate program of study, the admissions and registration process may begin.

A convenient online CTC Apply Yourself Application for Admission is available on the CTC website at All students except GoArmyEd students who apply and enroll through the GoArmyEd portal are encouraged to complete the online application for admission.

Central Texas College is a comprehensive community college that maintains an open-door admissions policy to ensure that all persons who may benefit from postsecondary education have the opportunity to enroll. New students will be admitted to Central Texas College providing all admission requirements are met. Admission to Central Texas College does not guarantee admissions to specific programs and courses. Departmental approval is required to register for certain courses as published in the college catalog and schedule bulletins.

Only personnel sponsored in the overseas command by the U.S. Armed Services are normally permitted to attend Central Texas College classes. Other applicants may attend classes if local policy permits, but they must receive approval from the local ESO or NCO personnel for necessary military and governmental approval before being permitted to file an application for admission. Active duty personnel will have priority when enrolling for all classes.

General Admission Requirements For All Students in Credit Programs
An individual who has graduated from a high school to include an accredited public or private school; who has successfully completed a nontraditional secondary education program in a recognized nonaccredited private school setting to include a home school; or who has earned a General Educational Development (GED) certificate will be admitted to Central Texas College. All individuals will be required to follow the regular admissions process.

Adults, veterans and military personnel 18 years or older who have not completed a recognized high school program may be admitted on an “Individual Approval” basis if the individual can demonstrate the ability to benefit from instruction. Applicants wishing to be admitted under individual approval must complete a “Request for Waiver” form available through the Student Services office of the appropriate CTC campus. The applicant must show evidence of successful experiences which reasonably predicts his or her ability to make satisfactory progress at the college. The Dean of Student Services will review the request with the appropriate department chair/faculty or the Campus Dean and then make a recommendation to the Director of Admissions and Recruitment for final approval.

To be eligible for federal financial aid, the U.S. Department of Education requires that an individual have a high school diploma or recognized equivalent.

Early admission offers the opportunity for high school students to earn college credits while concurrently enrolled in high school or during the summer. Early admission is open to high school students who are classified as juniors or seniors and are in good academic standing. Permission to enroll in CTC must be granted by the student’s parent or legal guardian and endorsed by the high school principal, counselor, or designated representative. Concurrently enrolled high school students must adhere to the requirements of CTC and their high school.  An early admission form signed by the designated school official and parent or legal guardian must be submitted each semester of enrollment. Independent school districts may have additional requirements.

NOTE   Central Texas College assumes no responsibility for loss of Interscholastic League eligibility of high school students enrolled in the early admissions program. Credits earned before high school graduation may not transfer to some colleges.

Students applying for Financial Aid must have a high school diploma or GED. Non-high school graduates should contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance at (254) 526-1508 for further details.

Admission Procedures, College Credit Programs
Visit the CTC representative at your location for information on admissions, registration, program and course selection. If you are interested in distance learning courses and there is not a CTC representative at your location, contact the EagleOnCall Center at Listed below are general admission requirements for students located outside of Texas.  

New CTC Students, First-Time Students
All new college students seeking a degree or certificate from CTC are required to:

  1. Complete the online CTC Application for Admission.
  2. Submit an official high school transcript or General Educational Development (GED) scores demonstrating high school graduation or equivalency. If obtaining an official high school transcript represents a hardship for the applicant, other documents as determined by CTC may be accepted.
  3. Meet with the designated CTC representative at your location to discuss a program of study and course selections.

All first-time new students are encouraged to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid  (FAFSA) to determine if they may be eligible for student financial assistance.

Transfer Students
Students who have previously attended another college or university prior to applying for admission to CTC are required to:

  1. Complete the online CTC Application for Admission.
  2. Submit an official high school transcript or General Educational Development (GED) scores demonstrating high school graduation or equivalency if earned less than 12 semester hours college level coursework.
  3.  Submit official transcripts from each accredited college or university previously attended.
  4.  Meet with the designated CTC representative at your location to discuss a program of study and course selections.

Students on academic probation or suspension at the transfer institution will be admitted on probation to Central Texas College and must earn a grade point average of 2.0 during their first semester in attendance at CTC. Students in this category who do not achieve a grade point average of 2.0 will be suspended for one long semester.

Former CTC Students, Readmissions
If it has been at least one year since you attended CTC, follow the steps below.

  1. Complete a new CTC Application for Admission.  
  2. If you have attended other colleges or universities since last enrolled with CTC, request that official transcripts be sent to CTC.
  3. Meet with the designated CTC representative at your location to discuss a program of study and course selections.

Transient Students
If your intent is to attend CTC to earn credits to transfer into a degree program at another college or university, you do not need to submit education records from previously attended colleges or universities unless required for Veterans Services, Financial Aid, or to document earned requirements. Records will be required if you later elect to seek a certificate, degree, or award of credit. You are required to:

  1. Complete a CTC Application for Admission.
  2. Contact the advisor at your college or university to ensure course transferability. If your school is a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC) Degree Network System (DNS), the SOC DNS Handbook-2 includes guaranteed transfer courses, which is available online at  
  3. Meet with the CTC representative to determine any course prerequisites or placement requirements.

Early Admissions, High School Students
Early admissions is available to selected high school students who are in good academic standing and classified as juniors or seniors. To apply for early admission:

  1. Complete the Early Admissions Application signed by the high school principal or counselor and parent or legal guardian. Application must be re-submitted for each semester of enrollment.
  2. Complete CTC’s Application for Admission.
  3. Provide an official high school transcript.
  4. Take the online Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) to determine eligibility to enroll in college credit courses.
  5. Accepted high school students are limited to two courses per semester (fall, spring, summer). A student may not take more than six courses in a year. Refer to exceptions in the Texas catalog.

Readmission of Member of the United States Armed Forces
A Servicemember in the United States Armed Forces may be readmitted to CTC under the same academic status as held while last attending CTC or accepted for admission if the student was not able to attend CTC due to a military obligation for more than 30 consecutive days or less than 30 days if the interruption resulted in student’s withdrawal from the college based on institutional policy. National Guard or Reservists under federal authority may be readmitted under the same academic status when called to active duty for more than 30 consecutive days. Contact the CTC Dean of Student Services or the Associate Dean, Admissions, Registration and Records for more information.

Guidelines for Active Duty Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve Students
All eligible active duty soldiers, National Guard and Army Reserve students must complete the GoArmyEd common application and register online in the GoArmyEd portal.  All students must meet the general admissions requirements in the CTC college catalog.  The guidelines below are to assist students in applying and registering through the portal.  Procedures are subject to change, and students are encouraged to visit the GoArmyEd website for the latest information.

  •  Access the GoArmyEd portal at and create/activate your GoArmyEd account.
  •  If CTC is your host college, request that official transcripts from each regionally accredited college or university previously attended be sent directly to CTC.  Submit a high school transcript or GED scores verifying high school graduation equivalency if you have not already successfully completed at least 12 semester hours at another college or university.
  •  Students who have not selected CTC as their host college are not required to submit official transcripts unless using financial aid.
  • Visit with a CTC representative to obtain degree plan advisement and other school-related information (e.g. prerequisite requirements, instructional materials, EagleMail, etc.).
  •  For information regarding your GoArmyEd course planner, student agreement requirements, holds, etc., select the “View Reference Documents” link located in the Training Resources section on your GoArmyEd homepage.
  • Browse the GoArmyEd schedule of classes, on the GoArmyEd portal or at, and register for classes.  Refer to Reference Document titled “How to Enroll in a Class through GoArmyEd” or “How to Enroll in Classes Using the Course Planner”, depending on your particular status.  All enrollment actions (i.e. enrollment requests, drops, and withdrawals) must be processed via the GoArmyEd portal.

Distant Learners
Students enrolling in distance learning programs must meet general institutional admission requirements. If you cannot apply for admission and register at a local CTC office, contact the Eagles On Call center at A student services advisor will assist you with admissions, registration, and advisement. Distant learners may contact their local CTC representative to determine eligibility to register online through WebAdvisor. Students are encouraged to complete the distant learning orientation at the CTC Distance Learning website at and to participate in the free online orientations and other workshops designed to promote success. Students enrolled in distance education courses must provide their own computers, or have access to computers, have Internet access for online courses and are required to use their CTC EagleMail electronic address provided by CTC.

Texas Success Initiative
Distant learners in Texas and out-of-state distant learners who are bona fide Texas residents receiving in-state tuition rates must meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements unless TSI exempt or waived; and submit substantiating documents for residency purposes. The TSI program is a state-legislated mandated program to ensure that students have the skills to be successful in freshman academic coursework. The program includes (1) an assessment to diagnose students’ basic academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics; and (2) developmental instruction to strengthen academic skills that need improvement. Distant learners must contact an online counselor to determine their TSI status and educational plan.
International Students
Local and third country national students are not permitted to attend Central Texas College C&I locations without permission from the Education Center or Navy College Office representative and the appropriate Military Command. Local nationals who receive permission are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A score of 68 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test (TOEFL iBT) or a 5.8 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test is required for admissions to the college credit programs. Students native to countries whose official language is English, and whose education has been in English are required to take a CTC-approved exam for placement.

Out-of-State CTC Students Who Move to Texas
If you move to Texas and continue your studies with Central Texas College, you are required to meet certain in-state requirements as follows:

  1. Complete a CTC Application for Admission.
  2. Nonresident active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces assigned to duty in Texas and their spouse and dependent children are entitled to pay resident tuition rates. To qualify, the student must submit a completed military verification form, that is available online and in the schedule bulletin, during his or her first semester of enrollment which he or she will be using the waiver and present a valid military I.D. card. In lieu of a military verification form, a copy of the military orders of the active duty military sponsor with permanent assignment to duty in Texas may be substituted.
  3. Take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) unless student is exempt or waived from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements. Refer to the Texas Campuses Catalog or contact an online mentor for more information.
  4. Verify that your high school transcript, GED scores, and/or official transcripts from accredited colleges or universities previously attended are on file. If not, request  that official transcripts from each school be sent to CTC.
  5. Meet with an academic advisor.
  6. Make arrangements to attend the new student orientation.

NOTE   Official transcripts and TSI state-approved test scores must be sent directly to CTC from the issuing educational  institution.  You may be conditionally admitted pending receipt of official high school and college or university transcripts. Falsification of information will result in disciplinary action and may result in dismissal from Central Texas College.

Records Required
Official transcripts from all regionally accredited colleges and universities previously attended are required if the student is seeking a degree or certificate from Central Texas College, using student financial aid or Veterans benefits, or requests an official evaluation of prior learning experiences. Distant learners who must meet Texas Success Initiative requirements are required to submit official transcripts. Transfer students who plan to use financial aid must have transcripts on file prior to determining financial aid eligibility. Official transcripts must be mailed directly to CTC from each college or university. Hand-carried transcripts will only be accepted if received in a sealed envelope marked “official.” Transfer credits are evaluated by CTC based on the principles outlined in the Joint Statement on the Transfer and Award of Credit. Students who earned transfer credits from national accrediting bodies and professional organizations recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) may submit official transcripts, for which credits will be evaluated based on CTC institutional guidelines.

Typically, Central Texas College assigns a representative to each Education Center or CTC office where a program is conducted. Information on registration, term dates, evaluations, programs offered and related questions should be directed to the local Central Texas College representative at the Education Center, Navy College Office, or to the local Central Texas College office.

Check with your local CTC representative to determine if online registration (WebAdvisor at is available at your location. Distant learners should contact if there is not a CTC representative in your area. GoArmyEd TA and Army self-pay students register, drop, and add courses through the GoArmyEd portal. Army self-pay students are those on GPA hold or have used all TA funds available to them. Registration for online courses through the GoArmyEd portal closes 12 days prior to the course start date for students located outside Texas.

Registration Schedules
CTC conducts an academic year starting and ending in August. Courses are usually offered through five, eight-week terms but start/end dates and course lengths may vary at different locations to meet military schedules. Consult your local schedule for times and dates of registration and classes. GoArmyEd TA students may view local classroom and online course offerings through the GoArmyEd portal.

Online courses are available to anyone. In addition, offline (multimedia) courses are available to students on Navy ships (NCPACE).

Distance learning course offerings generally start on a monthly basis with varying course lengths. Distance learning course offerings are available for view on the CTC Distance Learning website and through WebAdvisor accessed through the official CTC web site.

Officially enrolled distance learning students receive a welcome confirmation email with instructions for getting started.

Registration Procedures
Upon completion of the admissions requirements, the following must be completed before you will be officially registered and permitted to start your course:

  1. Complete the C&I Class Registration form each time your register, register online via CTC’s WebAdvisor or register through the GoArmyEd portal if using Army TA.
  2. Pay tuition and fees at the time of course enrollment. Students are responsible for submitting approved military tuition assistance forms and other third-party sponsorship forms. Army TA is automatically processed at the time of registration on the GoArmyEd portal.

Admission and registration forms are available from the Central Texas College representative at your location and online at the CTC web site.

Late Registration
Late registration for classroom courses is permitted for a limited time after class begins. Consult local schedules for exact dates. Late registration is not permitted for distance learning courses. Students who complete registration after classes begin are not excused from meeting attendance or academic requirements and must arrange with the instructor to make up missed classes.

Adding or Dropping Classes
During the official add/drop period, you may add and drop courses based upon institutional and military guidelines. You may not add a distance learning course without special permission. Classes missed will be counted as absences, and you will be required to make up any assignments. GoArmyEd students drop and add courses through the GoArmyEd portal. Students using VA educational benefits must notify Veteran Services of all changes.

Official Enrollment
To gain admission to classes, you must complete the published registration procedure each term, including payment of all tuition and fees. No one is officially enrolled until all tuition and fees have been paid in full. Students who withdraw are not entitled to remain in class on an unofficial basis. Only those students who are officially enrolled may attend classes.

Uniform Application of Standards
The standards of Central Texas College’s academic and student policies are uniform at all locations served by CTC. The subsequent sections of this Catalog provide information required and unique to Continental and International Campuses.