Full Time Faculty Members

Name Subject Phone Number Email Address
Monika Bender  Mathematics 254-526-1462 mbender@ctcd.edu
Ellen Falkenstein Mathematics 254-526-1162 efalkenstein@ctcd.edu
Flo Culp Mathematics 254-526-1464 fculp@ctcd.edu
Barbara Little Mathematics 254-526-1830 blittle@ctcd.edu
Jeff Seim Mathematics 254-526-1218 gseim@ctcd.edu
Elizabeth Bobe' Mathematics 254-501-3012 ebobe@ctcd.edu
Phyllis Nairn Reading/Writing 254-526-1337 pnairn@ctcd.edu
Dr. Brent Royster Reading/Writing 254-526-1532 broyster@ctcd.edu
Anelia Fairfield Reading/Writing 254-526-1831 afairfield@ctcd.edu


Adjunct Instructors

All adjuncts can be reached via email.  If needing to speak to them over the phone, please call 526-1209.  It may be necessary to leave a message with the Departmental Assistant.

Name Subject Email Address
Christel Lindberg-Phelps Mathematics clindberg-phelps@ctcd.edu
Belinda Harris Mathematics bharris@ctcd.edu
Kernisha Hill Reading khill@ctcd.edu
Krystal Styles Mathematics kstyles@ctcd.edu
Summer Terrell Mathematics sterrell@ctcd.edu
David Bennett Writing dbennett@ctcd.edu
Royce Smith Writing rsmith3@ctcd.edu


Administrative Support

Name Area of Support Phone Number Email Address
Erika Fabbri Departmental Assistant 254-526-1209 efabbri@ctcd.edu
Jereme Munger Computer Lab Manager 254-526-1444 jmunger@ctcd.edu
Stephen Bodkin TAD Math Lab TA 254-501-3070 sbodkin@ctcd.edu


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