The English Language Training program is called Developmental Studies Language Arts (DSLA). Therefore, English Language Training courses begin with the designation DSLA. The entire English Language Training program is often called the DSLA certificate program. DSLA classes are non-transferable credit courses. Developmental Studies Language Arts courses are divided into three levels:

Level I   DSLA 0315   Grammar I (Grammar/Sentences)  
    DSLA 0310   Reading/Vocabulary I*  
    DSLA 0323   Listening/Speaking I  
Level II   DSLA 0314   Writing I (Paragraphs)  
    DSLA 0320   Reading/Vocabulary II*  
    DSLA 0322   Listening/Speaking II  
    DSLA 0340   Accent Reduction  
Level III   DSLA 0302   Study Skills (and TOEFL prep)  
    DSLA 0332   Listening/Speaking III  
    DSLA 0321   Writing II  
    DSLA 0330   Reading/Vocabulary III*  
*Required for all students regardless of level of course.  

The DSLA program is offered three times a year: fall, spring and summer semesters. Each DSLA class meets two hours a day, two days a week, for 16 weeks during the fall and spring semesters. During summer semester, classes meet two hours a day, four days a week, for nine weeks. Each class is worth three hours of non-transferable credit. On an F-1 visa, students must take 12 credit hours, or four courses, to maintain full-time status. In addition, the following courses require 16 hours of additional lab time outside of class:

  • Reading I
  • Reading II
  • Reading III
  • Writing I
  • Writing II
  • Listening/Speaking I
  • Listening/Speaking II
  • Listening/Speaking III

The College Study Skills class, DSLA 0302, can be taken with courses from the second or third levels in the DSLA program. This course includes instruction on American dictionary usage, library skills, oral reporting and TOEFL preparation. Students practice parts of the TOEFL and learn how to do a research paper.