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Central Texas College is the perfect place to learn English.  CTC offers English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) training for international students and limited English speaking members of the community.  If you need to improve your speaking, listening, or writing skills in English, we are here to help. 

  • Students from more than 60 countries have attended our English instruction classes to help them in their jobs, to assist them in getting jobs, to make new friends, or to function better in day-to-day American living. 
  • Many military spouses who do not have family members nearby attend classes to seek help in running their households or in handling issues while their spouses are on active duty in other service areas. 
  • Some students may want to be able to pass a test for a license to practice in their field of expertise such as nursing, cosmetology, or law. 

Whatever the reason you decide to attend the ESOL program here at CTC, ESOL instruction will help make your life in the United States easier.

The English for Speakers of Other Languages program, also known as the DSLA program, is a ten-course program divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced level courses which students may take over three academic terms. 

ESOL Levels










  • Students with no TOEFLibt scores, or scores below 68, must take an English Skills Assessment (ESA) to determine which courses in listening, grammar, writing, and reading and vocabulary they need. 
  • This individualized course placement ensures that students do not waste time taking courses they do not need.  

ESA Dates for 2020
Friday, August 14
Saturday, August 15
Monday, August 17
Wednesday, December 16
Friday, December 18
Saturday, December 19


To take the assessment, report to Building 150, Room 1073 at 7:45 AM on any of the above-listed dates. The ESA Assessment is free and takes about three hours to complete.

For more information on the dates the English Skills Assessment (ESA) is given, please contact 254-526-1630 or 254-616-3353.  Students wishing to begin classes at Level One are not required to take the comprehensive exam before registering.

International Students

International students on study visas must meet specific admission requirements for international students.  The faculty and staff of CTC want to ensure that you are successful in CTC’s ESOL programs; therefore, testing and placement guidelines determine your best course fit.  CTC provides comprehensive student services for international students through the Office of International Student Services at 254-526-1302.  The director and staff work to assist foreign nationals in enrolling in CTC programs and help new students adapt to college life in America while enjoying the social, cultural, and educational opportunities Central Texas College and the surrounding community has to offer.

Course Descriptions (DSLA)

Student course syllabi 

  • DSLA 0320 - Reading/Vocabulary II
  • DSLA 0310 - Reading/Vocabulary I
  • DSLA 0321 - Writing II
  • DSLA 0314 - Writing I
  • DSLA 0322 - Listening/Speaking II
  • DSLA 0315 - Grammar
  • DSLA 0323 - Listening/Speaking I
  • DSLA 0330 - Reading/Vocabulary III
  • DSLA 0332 - Listening/Speaking III
  • DSLA 0340 - Accent Reduction