Central Texas College is the perfect place to learn English. CTC offers ESOL training for international students and non-English speaking members of the local community. If you have difficulty speaking English or you need improvement in your writing skills, we are here to help. Students from more than 60 countries attend English instruction here to help them in their jobs, assist them in getting jobs, make friends or function better in day-to-day American living. Many military spouses, who do not have family members here to help them, attend classes to seek help in running their households or handling issues while their husbands are on duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some students want to be able to pass a test for a license to practice their field of expertise like nursing or law. Whatever the reason you decide to attend the ESOL program, ESOL instruction will make your life in the United States easier.

The English for Speakers of Other Languages program, also known as the DSLA program, is a 14-course program divided into beginning, intermediate and advanced level courses which students take over three academic terms. Students with no TOEFLibt scores, or scores under 68, must take an English Proficiency Exam to learn which courses in listening, grammar, writing and vocabulary they need. This individualized course placement ensures students do not waste time taking courses they do not need. The ESOL program includes courses in grammar, writing, reading, listening, speaking, TOEFL preparation and accent reduction. For more information on the dates the English Proficiency Exam is given, please contact 254-526-1639.

International students on study visas must meet admission requirements specifically for international students. The faculty and staff of CTC want to ensure you are successful in CTC's ESOL programs. Therefore, we have established testing and placement guidelines that determine your course assignments.

Student Services

CTC provides comprehensive student services for international students through the Office of International Student Services. The director and staff work to assist foreign nationals in enrolling in CTC, adapting to college life in America and enjoying the social, cultural and educational opportunities of central Texas.


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