Tina Holden (Department Chair) – Tina.Holden@ctcd.edu

          Classes:  Fitness Walking, Introduction to Physical Fitness & Sport, Tennis

Dejah Hess – Dejah.Hess@ctcd.edu

          Classes:   Spin Bike

Marilyn Mapes – Marilyn.Mapes@ctcd.edu

Classes:  Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Physical Conditioning, Recreational Activities,   Coaching/Sports/Athletics I, Tennis, Fitness Walking, Personal/Community Health I, Eagle Fit, Water Fitness, Weight Training

Reineer Schelert – Reineer.Schelert@ctcd.edu

Classes:  Concepts of Physical Fitness, Introduction to Physical Fitness & Sport, First Aid,   Personal/ Community Health I, Basketball, Bowling, Weight Training, Swimming

Robin Diaz – Robin.Diaz@ctcd.edu

             Classes:  Yoga, Kickboxing/Aerobics

Bruce Vasbinder – Bruce.Vasbinder@ctcd.edu

             Classes:  Physical Conditioning, Volleyball

Erike Willes – Erike.Willes@ctcd.edu

             Classes:  Muay Thai, Jogging, Spin Bike, Physical Conditioning, Weight Training,                                  Krav Self-defense, Boot Camp Fitness, Tae Kwon Do

Valerie Wolfe – Valerie.Wolfe@ctcd.edu

             Classes:  Yoga, Water Fitness