The Department of Mathematics and Engineering has much to offer both STEM degree and transfer seeking students as well as students simply fulfilling degree requirements.  Located in the Technology Center & Planetarium Building, the department has a faculty and staff dedicated to helping our students.

VideoWe are still offering lecture classes this fall.  The classes will be live-streamed at their scheduled times.  You can interact with your instructor and class live.  Registration is open.  The following video explains it all.  Call the Math Dept. office or email with any questions.

Student testimonial for live-streamed classes:
"Surprisingly I have enjoyed the remote classroom structure. I find that I am more focused, relaxed and attentive. I may be somewhat of an exception to the norm being older and having learning disabilities. I would recommend this environment to anyone that may have similar circumstances. Your teaching methods are definitely an exception, the resource material offered a visual explanation that was more in depth than the previous handouts and self made flash cards.( which I didn't understand until you issued your version.) This slower pace brought things into perspective. I also like the fact that I am forced to LISTEN closely. Having already met you enabled me to visualize you teaching without having to see you. An introduction video could easily replace the face to face, I definitely think that would be appreciated by your future students. Your attention to detail method of teaching is exceptional and I hope everyone has not only benefited but also appreciated it as much as I have."