Each math course at Central Texas College has a prerequisite.  Students must demonstrate proficiency in the prerequisite material before being enrolled in a math course at CTC. The Accuplacer may be used to determine placement into MATH 1332, MATH 1342 and MATH 1414 when no other test scores are available or sufficient.

Advanced Math Placement Exam (AMPE)

The Mathematics Department at CTC now has an Advanced Math Placement Exam available for students whose placement scores are above average (see chart below) and who want to be placed in MATH 2412 or MATH 2413 without taking the prerequisite course.

Scores required for AMPE recommendation:

ACT Math Score

SAT Math Score

Accuplacer Math Score

19 or more

500 or more

95 or more

The Advanced Math Placement Exam (AMPE) will be administered in the Advanced Math Lab - building 152, room 145. The exam will be administered through MyMathTest (a Pearson product) and has a $12 program access fee. The exam consists of 20 questions with a 2-hour time limit. Students scoring 45% or better will be allowed to take MATH 2412, Precalculus Math. Students scoring 75% or better will be allowed to take MATH 2413, Calculus I. Students will receive an exam score only. If a student does not meet his/her desired placement exam score, he/she can use the study plan within the  program and retake the exam within one week. If the student takes the AMPE twice, placement will be determined using the higher of the two scores. Students will not be given more than one week to retake the exam, nor will they be allowed to take the exam more than twice.


Prior to taking the AMPE, students should view the College Algebra (MATH 1314)  and Precalculus Math (MATH 2412) syllabi available at http://www.ctcd.edu/syllabus/syllabus.asp. The Advanced Math Lab will have textbooks available to use for review purposes.