Neil Moody, BS, MLT(ASCP)
Instructor, MLT/HT/Phlebotomy

Jessica Ganceres, MS, MLS(ASCP), SH(ASCP)
Adjunct Instructor, MLT

Noel Webster, MS, MLS(ASCP), SBB(ASCP)
Adjunct Instructor, MLT


Available courses:

Fall classes   Spring classes  
MLAB 1470 Intro/Urinalysis MLAB 1470 Intro/Urinalysis
MLAB 1235 Immunology/Serology MLAB 1235 Immunology/Serology
MLAB 1415 Hematology MLAB 1415 Hematology
MLAB 2401 Clinical Chemistry MLAB 2221 Molecular Diagnostics
MLAB 2434 Clinical Microbiology MLAB 1231 Parasitology/Mycology
MLAB 2460 Clinical II MLAB 2431 Immunohematology
    MLAB 2461 Clinical III


MLAB 2362 - Clinical I is only offered during the Summer Semester.

MLT Program Hematology and Urine Images