Students interested in the program must submit applications packets to the PBT Office, located in Bldg. 150 (Science Center), Room 1114.
Students are admitted to the Phlebotomy program on a first-come basis after admission criteria have been met. (See student checklist in the Application Packet)

The purpose of this program is an in-depth study of phlebotomy and the related skills required by the phlebotomist to function in the healthcare setting.
As a phlebotomy technician, you will be qualified to work in a hospital, in a doctor’s clinic or other related healthcare facilities.

Starting in the Fall semester, the Phlebotomy program will be a 2-semester, 18 credit hour certificate program.

The program includes classroom and clinical experience in the following discipline areas:

First Semester:
PLAB 1323 - Phlebotomy (Lecture and Lab)
HITT 1305 - Medical Terminology
MDCA 1309 - Anatomy & Physiology for Medical Assistants

Second Semester:
PLAB 1360 - Clinical Rotations - to include hands-on experience in a variety of clinical facilities.
PLAB 1391 - Special Topics in Phlebotomy/Phlebotomist
SPCH 1318 - Interpersonal Communications

After completion of the Phlebotomy Lecture, a criminal history record and drug screen will be required of each student prior to admission to clinicals. (2nd semester) Information on where and when to complete this will be given to each student (Please do not complete this otherwise, as we are not able to accept records from outside agencies, records carried in, or records outside of the proper time frame.)

Upon completion, the student will be eligible to take a national certifying examination.