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Retention Counselor & Student Services

What is Retention Counseling?

Why: Students with higher perceived faculty support also had higher outcome expectations of earning a certificate or degree.

How: Workshops, appointments and referrals.

Who: The Retention Counselor, Kaylar Griffin, MSN, MSEd, Nurse Educator, supports all Department of Nursing (DON) students: ADN, VN and EMT.


  • Evaluating learning styles
  • Discussing individualized study strategies and how to take notes
  • Assessing test taking skills
  • Organizing  Success Camp orientation for new students
  • Offering Alternate Format Test –Taking Strategies Workshops
  • Providing face to face counseling sessions and assessment
  • Discussing how to communicate effectively with faculty
  • Referring for support services (testing for ADHD, test anxiety, personal development, etc.)

The Retention Counselor works closely with the DON Counselor, Dr. Robin Beauregard, and she supports the DON students: ADN, VN, and EMT, with discussing:

  • Coaching
  • Time-management skills
  • Personal development (goal setting, goal clarification)
  • Conflict management
  • Problem-solving
  • Referral for support services (diagnosis  and treatment of mental health issues)

Where: Building 155.Call Professor Griffin or Dr. Beauregard for an appointment.

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