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Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Texas Genuine logoA paralegal (also known as a legal assistant or legal clerk) is a professional who, by training and experience, is qualified to perform legal functions under the direction and supervision of an attorney, court or military command.

The legal field is desperate for properly trained, intelligent and enthusiastic persons of the highest ethical caliber. Studies on the national and state level continue to indicate the great employment potential. CTC's Paralegal/Legal Assistant program equips its students to gain employment in federal, state, military and private sector law departments - even to go on to law school some day.

In the CTC Law Library, students perform in-depth legal research, both in book form and online.

Programs of Study:

Paralegal/Legal Assistant (AAS)

Paralegal/Legal Assistant (CC)

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Our two-year, 63-credit-hour program culminates in an Associates of Applied Science degree (which can be completed in much less time, depending on whether the student goes year-round, is able to take both daytime/evening classes and has already completed any general studies classes). Students may begin the program in any of the three semesters offered during the year. Each semester, one or more classes are offered online.