Database Help


All Library patrons who wish to access library databases are now required to log in first.

Set up your computer correctly

  • Set your computer to accept full cookies, Java and JavaScript
  • Set your Microsoft IE security level defaults at "Medium"
  • Turn off third-party pop-up blockers
  • Turn off or reset your personal firewall

Enter your username/password correctly

  • Follow instructions on the log-in page very carefully
  • No slashes, no periods, no commas, no dashes


  • Our server might be down
  • The vendor's server might be down
  • The maximum number of simultaneous users might have reached its limit
  • You might need to clear your browser history/cache
  • You might be using a computer that's behind a firewall (e.g., BlackBoard, military, school districts, businesses)
  • isn't compatible with our server - minimize the AOL page, then access Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer browser from your desktop
  • Some high-speed accelerators aren't compatible with our server
  • Did you enter a lowercase 'c' and your 7-digit CTC ID as username (e.g., cxxxxxxx)?
  • Did you capitalize your initials in password?
  • Did you enter your birth date in password in the mmddyy format?
  • If your name is hyphenated, a data entry clerk may have entered it without the hyphen. Try the name before the hyphen, then try the name after the hyphen
  • If you've just registered/been employed, your name may not have been included in the last download to the log-in software - wait 24 hours and try again
  • Some databases require Adobe Acrobat Reader - free download.

Need more help?: Ask a Librarian