Central Texas College


The most appropriate websites for academic research are sites that end with .gov, .org, .edu and state.(name of state).us. Here are some websites recommended by the library:


  • General
    • The Online Books Page - Lists more than one million free books on the web
    • Data.gov - Access to data generated by the executive branch of the federal government
  • Job/career
    • Occupational Outlook Handbook - From the Bureau of Labor Statistics - Gives information on working conditions, required education, pay, etc. for a variety of careers
    • Glass Door - Has information on thousands of companies, includes salary information for specific jobs at specific companies as well as reviews from workers
  • Veterans information
    • Veterans Resource Coordination Group - Connects veterans and their families to the resources they need to assist them during times of transition and to make them successful in achieving their life goals
    • Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) - Organization dedicated to standing with the millions of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan from their first day home through the rest of their lives
    • Welcome Back Veterans - The goal of this organization is to transform the lives of returning veterans by providing on-going treatment to them and their families for any PTSD issues they may have and to change the way Americans think and talk about PTSD
    • Central Texas College Student Veterans Organization - The purpose of the Student Veterans Organization (SVO) is to serve the needs of students with prior military association, their families and dependents. Membership is open to all students.