Central Texas College

Associate of Applied Science Degrees & Certificates

Within many of the associate of applied science degrees, there are certificates of completion that can be completed in less than two years.

Students must complete the specific degree requirements in the general education component including a minimum of 15 semester credit hours.

  • ENGL 1301 and three semester hours of oral communications.
  • Three semester hours of humanities or fine arts.
  • Three semester hours of mathematics as required by specific program.
  • Three semester hours of social or behavioral science.
  • Three semester hours of computer instruction or successful competency challenge exam.

The degree also includes a minimum of 50 percent of semester credit hours of technical courses in the major or a closely related field.

Students may be required to repeat major courses in their field of study if graduation is not accomplished within five years after courses are completed.

Certificate programs are shorter-term and more field-of-study focused programs. Often, they can be used as building blocks to gain employment while continuing work toward a degree.