Programs in these areas prepare students for a broad range of careers including communications, fine arts, radio and television broadcasting and much more. Many fast growing careers can be found in these areas. Some programs prepare you for immediate entry to the work force, while others prepare you to transfer to complete upper-level degree requirements.

Communication and Media Technology

Do you have creative talents and looking to express yourself through digital media platforms? A career in communication and media technology may be for you.


Do you want to be an actor, set or light designer, stage manager, theatre teacher or even a director for theatre, television or film? Then explore the fundamentals of that training at Central Texas College! We’ll prepare you to transfer to the Bachelor of Arts program of your choice or get right out into the world subcontracting and chasing agents.

Graphics and Printing

Graphic designers have a passion for communicating with others through powerful, compelling images. Graphic design is something which drives advertising and attracts us to brands. That is why it is so important to our everyday lives. Graphics and printing are present everywhere. You see it in newspapers, magazines, packaging, websites, posters, books, signage etc.


If you love to read, write, speak, and investigate, then you will feel at home in Central Texas College’s Communication department. It’s what you need…It’s what they want. The ability to communicate effectively and appropriately is highly valued in today’s professional world.

Modern Language

A degree in Modern Language prepares students for further study and careers in international relations, anthropology, government, humanitarian and travel-related careers to name a few. The career possibilities are endless!


If you are interested in a career in music education or performance, CTC offers traditional and individualized instruction designed to prepare you for future study. Fine Arts music students can enjoy extensive music program offerings, ensemble participation and individualized instruction in voice or instrument of choice.

Social Science

Beginning with an Associate of Arts degree in social science, students will have the resources and training to adapt their education to almost any career field of their choosing and continue to a four-year degree or beyond. Students can continue to have careers in politics, international relations, management, education, law, medicine and more.

Visual Arts

We live in a world filled with forms of visual communication, so why not hone your skills as one of the creators? If you enjoy the creative process, it’s possible a career in visual arts is your calling. Whether your passion is drawing, painting, ceramics, digital media, photography or metal arts, Central Texas College will prepare you for success in careers such as art director, fashion or interior designer, craft artist, fine artist and multimedia artist.