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Controlling access to data is a high priority in today's business world. The increase of identity theft, computer fraud and loss of company secrets has created a high demand for information security professionals.

Careers, Potential Earnings & Market Growth Rates

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Median wages (2016)     $65.29 hourly,  $135,800 annual
Projected growth (2016-2026)    Faster than average (10% to 14%)
Projected job openings (2016-2026)  32,500

Computer Systems Analysts

Median wages (2016)     $41.93 hourly, $87,220 annual
Projected growth (2016-2026)    Average (5% to 9%)
Projected job openings (2016-2026)    44,800

Information Security Analysts

Median Wages (2016)  $44.52 hourly,  $92,600 annually
Projected growth (2016-2026)    Much faster than average (15% or higher)
Projected job openings (2016-2026)     10,400

* Further study (bachelor's degree) required | ** Study beyond bachelor's degree required

Degrees and Certificates

A certificate in cybersecurity can provide short-term employability while the student continues on with an associate of applied science in Information Security.

Delivery Mode

Certificate of Completion 


22 credit hours

Central Campus Day 

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