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Computer users often have special requirements not met by standard software. For these unique uses, specialized software must be created by programmers who use a variety of computer languages to design specialized software and apps.

Careers, Potential Earnings & Market Growth Rates

Computer Programmer 

Potential Earnings:  (2015) $79,530 annually 

Market Growth Rate: -2%

Software Developer

Potential Earnings: (2015) $98,260 annually

Market Growth Rate: 14% or higher

Database Administrator

Potential Earnings:  (2015) $81,710 annually

Market Growth Rate: 9 - 13% 

Programmer Analyst

Potential Earnings: (2015)   $85,800 annually 

Market Growth Rate:  14%

Software Tester

Potential Earnings: (2015)  $85,240 annually

Market Growth Rate:  2 - 4%

* Further study (bachelor's degree) required | ** Study beyond bachelor's degree required

Degrees and Certificates

We offer a variety of certificates to provide quick employability with the option to continue toward an associate degree. 

Delivery Mode

Certificate of Completion

IT Industry Certification Preparation Program

19 credit hours, less than one year full time

Certificate of Completion

Software Development & Testing Specialist

16 credit hours, one year full time

Certificate of Completion

Web Technologies

19 credit hours, one year full time