Central Texas College

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I have to fill out an application for each job that I want to apply for?
Answer: Yes. If you meet the minimum requirements for the position, your application will be forwarded to that department. Therefore, we do require a separate application for each position.

Question: How long will it take before I hear something?
Answer: The departments are responsible for contacting the applicants that will be interviewed. There is no set time frame for hiring.

Question: Will I be informed if I don’t meet the minimum requirements?
Answer: Yes, you will receive a letter in the mail if you did not meet the minimum requirements. You will also receive a letter if you interview for the position and are not chosen.

Question: Can I call and check on the status of my application?
Answer: Yes, you can call 254-526-1158 to check on the status.

Question: Can my spouse call to check on the status of my application?
Answer: No, due to confidentiality, we can only discuss an application with the applicant.

Question: How many other people applied for that position?
Answer: That is not information that we can release.

Questions: Do I have to turn in a resume?
Answer: It is at your discretion if you turn in a resume with your application.

Question: Do I have to agree to a back-ground check?
Answer: All of our job offers are made contingent on successful completion of a back-ground check. Your application will not be considered without a consent form being filled out.

Questions: Do transcripts have to be official?
Answer: No, they can be copies for the application process. If you are hired, you will have to provide official transcripts.

Question: How often do you update the job board?
Answer: The job board is updated daily as the positions are received and closed.

Question: The position that I am applying for requires a typing speed, where can I take a test?
Answer: We accept typing tests from the Texas Workforce Commission or from the Career Planning office (Bldg. 111 Rm. 208) here at Central Texas College.

Question: What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt?
Answer: Traditionally, non-exempt positions are paid hourly and exempt positions are paid by salary.

Question: Can I contact the hiring manager?
Answer: It is recommended that you wait for them to contact you.