Central Texas College

Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness studies how well CTC is meeting its goals through research, planning, evaluation, and policy analysis.

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Amy M. Bawcom

Office: Administration Building (Building 108), Room 108A

Phone: (254) 526-1264

Email: amy.bawcom@ctcd.edu

Responsibilities: Strategic Planning, Institutional Effectiveness, AMS System Administrator

Coordinator of Institutional Research

Douglas R Bussell

Office: Clear Creek Building (Building 136), Room 121B

Phone: (254) 526-1484

Email: douglas.bussell@ctcd.edu

Responsibilities: Institutional Research, Compliance Reporting, Open Records Requests, Surveys

Coordinator of Learning Outcomes Assessment

Crystal Messina-Ferreira

Office: Clear Creek Building (Building 136), Room 121A

Phone: (254) 526-1182

Email: crystal.messina-ferreira@ctcd.edu

Responsibilities: Instructional Program Review, Core Curriculum Assessment