eForms Frequently Asked Questions

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eForms Troubleshooting

Our eForms are accessible across multiple platforms, browsers and devices. If you are having trouble accessing a form, clear your browser cache or select a different browser.

What is an eForm?

eForms are electronic forms being made available for student use; not all CTC forms are currently available as eForms. Students must log in to use available eForms. eForms are linked to the student's account; login allows eForms to be pre-populated with each student’s indivdual information (CTC ID, full name, etc.). eForms are routed electronically to the appropriate CTC department.

Can attachments be submitted with eForms?

Yes; depending on the form, use the available Attachment button.

Can students track the status of eForms submitted?

Once a student submits an eForm, the student can view the eForm status in the Submitted documents list. eForms in the Submitted documents list cannot be re-sent.  

What happens if a student is unable to complete the eForm in one sitting?

The eForm can be saved in the student’ s Drafts documents list. The student can return later to complete and submit the eForm.

Can students receive documents through their eForm account?

Students can receive documents sent to them or returned in their Received documents list. An email alert will be sent notifying you that a document has been submitted for your review, including the name of the form and the sender’s name.

Do students need to print eForms?

No; eForms are electronic forms, designed to be completed and routed electronically. There is a print option if you would like to print a copy for your records but you do not need to print the form for any CTC department/office. eForms that you submit  are archived in your account for future reference.

How is the eForm approved by the department/office?

Once a student completes the eForm, clicks the Submit or Send button, the applicable department/office receives, reviews, and routes/approves the submitted form electronically. Students may track the status of any form they have submitted.

Do eForms allow students to add comments?

Some eForms provide a textbox allowing the student (or the department/office) to comment, ask questions, or provide additional clarification.

Is the eForm the same as the paper form?

No, while they may have the same content, eForms are designed to be completed on a computer (or other electronic device) and are not generally printed. To aid in form completion, when you select an eForm to complete, the eForm will open and be pre-populated with some of your basic personal information (i.e., CTC ID, first and last name, etc., all based on your login criteria). Various other form elements—dropdown boxes, radio buttons, and forced-fill areas—are used to simplify and guide you through each form completion process.

Can students still use the paper forms?

No; once a form has been redesigned to an eForm, the paper-based form is no longer available and students use the eForm. Special note: There are a limited number of paper-based forms such as the CTC transcript request for use by former CTC students who attended CTC prior to January 1, 2014.

How does a department/office view the eForms?

The department/office receives an exact copy of any form you complete.

How is the eForm filed/archived?

Once the eForm workflow is completed, the eForm is routed to the student's CTC official record for staff reference use only. A copy of the eForm is also archived in your Completed folder in your eForm account.