Central Texas College

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Located in Soldiers' Plaza off Dixie Road

Bldg 2634
Fort Benning, GA 31905
Fax: 706-682-7323

Site Director
Jacqueline Haire

Student Services Representative
Yvonne Leisure

Registrar/Test Proctor
Alyssa Omer

Mr. Markley - GOVT 2305/2306 (gmarkley@ctcd.edu)

Mr. Ray -  PHIL 1317 History of Religion II and DSMA 0307 Intermediate Algebra (jray@ctcd.edu)

Dr. Rogers -  MATH 1332, 1414 Contemporary Math and College Algebra  (jrogers2@ctcd.edu)

Dr. Boone -  MUSI 1306 Music Appreciation (oboone@ctcd.edu)

Dr. Fontana -  Composition I, II and CRIJ 2328  (rfontana@ctcd.edu)

Ms. Haire - HRPO 2301, 1311  (jackie.haire@ctcd.edu)

Ms. Anderson -  SOCI 1306 Social Problems  (yanderson@ctcd.edu)

Ms. Hayes-  SPAN1411 Beginning Spanish I (ehayes@ctcd.edu)

Ms. Zavala- BMGT 1327 Principles of Management (vzavala@ctcd.edu)

Ms. Haycock- HIST 1301/1302  US History I and II TBA

Ms. Webb- SPCH 1315 Public Speaking TBA