Central Texas College

Parking Permits - Student and Staff Requirements

Notice: Spring 2015 semester students required to obtain parking permit

Students, Faculty and Staff

Beginning again with the Spring 2015 semester, all students (full or part-time) attending Central Texas College, including continuing education and distance education students who test on campus, who operate a motor vehicle on either the Central Texas College main campus and/or the Fort Hood Campus, regularly or occasionally, and all CTC faculty and staff members are required to obtain a parking permit for each vehicle they may drive and park on campus, including motorcycles. Parking permits are available anytime during normal business hours and can be obtained at the CTC Police Department, Building 137, directly behind Student Services, building 119. Motorcycles are also required to display a parking permit and park in accordance with current campus parking rules and regulations.

Students and staff may park in any of several parking lots across CTC main campus. Numbered or parking spots marked “Reserved”, “Official Use Only”, "Adjunct Faculty", or special reserved spaces for an individual or activity are restricted from use by all students during normal business hours. From 6pm to 6am daily, and all day Saturday and Sunday, reserved parking spaces are available for use by everyone on a first come, first served basis. Parking spots marked “For Official Use” or “Official Use Only” are intended for CTC staff members only and require a special parking placard displayed on the dash board of the vehicle at all times when parked in an OUO space; with time limited for use of not more than two hours.

All CTC students, faculty and staff members, including Adjunct Faculty, are required to obtain a parking permit for any vehicle they drive and park on campus. Including those having a reserved parking space. State vehicle registration documents, current CTC ID card, and a valid driver's license are required to register a vehicle to park on campus. Parking permits are issued at no charge; however failing to display a CTC parking permit, as required, can result in a $25 fine.

CTC Students, Faculty and Staff should:

1. Register all their vehicle(s) with the CTC Police Department (permits are free).

2. Properly display and/or affix the parking permit to the vehicle as designed.

3. Become familiar with and abide by parking and traffic rules and regulations on campus.

4. Report any temporarily disabled vehicle to the campus police office @ 526-1427.

5. Obtain a temporary parking permit when using a temporary means of transportation such as a rental car or when driving a new vehicle with temporary license plates.


Display of Parking Permit:

Parking permits shall be placed on the outside lower-left corner of the vehicle's rear window, clearly visible to the officer and not obstructed. Motorcycles shall display the parking permit on the front fork or windshield of the vehicle. Parking permits are not transferable from one vehicle to another.

Permits are available anytime during normal business hours at the CTC Police Department, Building 137, located behind the Student Services (registration) building #119.