Central Texas College

Traffic and Parking Violations and Fines


Persons found to be in violation of any parking regulation on campus will be cited for those violations and issued a campus parking citation. Those fines will be assessed by the Campus Police Department and one citation may contain multiple violations.

Upon receipt of a parking citation, individuals must contact the Central Texas College Police Department, Building 137, by the due date on the front of the citation to make arrangements to pay the fine or submit a written appeal. Failure to pay parking fines will prevent a student from registering for class, receiving copies of transcripts, financial aid or possibly from obtaining a degree from Central Texas College until their financial obligation is met. CTC Staff members, visitors or guests receiving a campus parking citation upon failing to pay parking fines will be noted as a police hold in their CTC financial business office records and may be referred to a collection agency as an unpaid debt.

The following parking violations will be assessed a fine of $25.00 for each violation cited on a campus parking citation, except parked in a handicapped space which is $50.00 (not an all-inclusive list):


  • Parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Parked in red/fire zone
  • Parked in a loading zone
  • Parked blocking driveway or thoroughfare
  • Improper/unsafe parking
  • Parked left wheel to curb
  • Parked in a reserved parking space
  • Parked blocking a handicapped ramp
  • Parked in a handicapped space (without proper authorization displayed)
  • Parked in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk
  • Parked within 20 feet of an intersection
  • Parked outside lines provided
  • Parked in an Official Use Only space
  • Parked on the grass or landscaping
  • Fail to display parking permit

Speed limits on campus vary and are posted accordingly. Speed limits in all parking lots shall not exceed 10 miles per hour or 25 miles per hour on any campus roadway. All Campus Police vehicles are equipped with operational speed detection devices (radar) and speeding citations issued when warranted.

A student, staff member, visitor or guest who violates a posted speed limit on campus may be issued a campus citation and assessed a fine of $25.00 plus $1.00-per-mile for each mile in excess of the authorized speed limit if issued a campus citation.

Speeding violations in excess of 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit may be referred to the applicable Justice of the Peace court for disposition and fines vary.

Students accumulating as many as three campus citations while enrolled at CTC may be placed on disciplinary probation. Continued parking offenses can lead to suspension of campus driving privileges and may result in dismissal from college. Referrals for repeated campus citations are forwarded to the Director of Student Life Activities.
When a person is charged with a violation of any provision of the campus parking/driving regulations, proof that the vehicle was, on the date of the offense, bearing a valid campus parking permit is direct evidence that the holder of the permit or vehicle owner received the citation and committed the violation.

If the student has the same family name or home address as the registered owner of a vehicle for which a campus citation has been issued, the citation and accompanying violation charges will be recorded in the student’s name. In the case of multiple students residing at the same address using a vehicle registered under that name or address, all names associated with that address will be cross-referenced to the same citation should a valid parking permit not exist.

Unpaid charges for parking violations are recorded in either:

  1. The name of the person who the parking permit was issued to;
  2. The name of the previous parking permit owner/registrant;
  3. The name of the person who has previously paid parking citation charges on the vehicle;
  4. The registered owner or driver; or
  5. Any combination of the above.

Appeal Process (Campus Citation Only): If a person receives a citation and believes it is unwarranted, he/she may enter a plea of Not Guilty at the Central Texas College Police Department, Building 137, and submit a written appeal by filling out an appeal form. All appeals must be requested in person within 10 days of the date of the citation. All appeals will be reviewed by the Chief of Police or his/her designee for disposition. Students have the right to further appeal any campus parking citation to the Director of Student Life Activities if the initial appeal is not granted. The Director of Student Life Activities makes the final decision for campus citations issued to students. Employees have the right to further appeal any camput parking citation to the Deputy Chancellor, Finance and Administration, if the initial appeal is not granted. The Deputy Chancellor makes the final decision for campus citations issued to employees.

If an appeal for a campus parking citation is not submitted within the above prescribed time, the citation recipient loses all rights to appeal the citation and a guilty judgment is adjudged and fine assessed.



Persons found to be in violation of Texas traffic laws on campus will be cited for those violations and issued a Justice of the Peace court citation to the applicable county (Bell or Coryell) in which the offense occurred. Those fines will be assessed by the appropriate judge in the Justice of the Peace court.


Appeal Process (JP Citation Only): Appeals or pleas of not guilty to a Justice of the Peace citation must be presented to the appropriate Justice of the Peace office in the precinct designated on the front of the J.P. citation, not to the campus police department. Failure to respond to a Justice of the Peace citation may result in an arrest warrant issued to the violator for "Failure to Appear".