When an emergency occurs, our Emergency Alert system will send e-mail, text messages and voice messages to students and employees in as little as 90 seconds.

Applicable situations
Emergency alerts will be sent in situations requiring unscheduled closure or evacuation of a campus or campus facility. This includes weather closures, power outages, police emergencies, catastrophes and/or hazardous exposures. Familiarize yourself with the examples of sirens and message types that we broadcast. The system may also be used in the event of significant road construction or traffic congestion. The alert system will not be used for promotional purposes or for scheduled closures such as holidays.

Make sure YOU receive notifications

Texas law requires ALL students, faculty and staff be automatically opted-in to receive notifications.

When you receive initial notification of your account, you should log in to e2campus and verify your information. Any phone numbers or e-mail addresses not in our college database will need to be added. Contact information comes from our student/staff information system, so please ensure your information is kept up to date. Students may update their information by logging into Webadvisor and selecting “Address Change” under the User Account area. Faculty/staff should update their information with employment services.

Changes and updates can be made at any time, and you may add multiple cell or voice numbers or e-mail addresses. The subscription is free but standard text message charges from your cell phone provider will apply.

To update your information:

  1. Login to e2campus at https://ctcd.omnilert.net/. Your user name will be the same as WebAdvisor --

    ‘c’ (lowercase) + your CTC ID--Example: John Smith, CTC ID 7654321 User ID will be c7654321.

    Your password will be your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format. You may also login from WebAdvisor using the Emergency Alert icon.

  2. Select your notification services. You may enter multiple e-mail addresses and phone numbers. ALWAYS select at least one notification method besides text messages, since cell phones are not always reliable in an emergency situation. You may go in and edit or add to your profile at any time.
    e2Campus update screen

In addition to our Emergency Alert System, you can stay informed with the latest campus alerts and events by calling 254-501-3100 or following us on Twitter  or Facebook.

Contact the IT Help Desk for login assistance or to be removed from the alert list.