Central Texas College welcomes you as our visitor or guest and our goal is to make parking on campus as convenient as possible. Visitors to campus are not required to register with the campus police office for a parking permit and parking for visitors and guests is always free. Visitors to the Central Texas College campus are always welcome however; parking for visitors is limited to available open parking spaces.

A visitor is defined as someone who has no affiliation, association or relationship with CTCD as a current or former student, faculty member, staff member or employee.

Parking tips for visitors:

  • Avoid handicap parking spaces if you do not have the appropriate placard or plates.
  • Visitors should avoid parking spaces marked as "Reserved"; these spaces are for CTC full time staff only and are paid for by the employee. Reserve parking violations are enforced daily Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. only. After 6 p.m. weekly and all day Saturday and Sunday, reserved parking spaces will be open and available to anyone on a first come first served basis.
  • Do not park on grass or upon any landscaping, sidewalk or in an area marked as a loading zone.
  • Always park your vehicle in the same direction as the flow of traffic, backing into parking spaces is not permitted.
  • All parking and driving regulations promulgated by the CTCD Board of Trustees and the State of Texas apply.
  • Vehicle operators are to park the vehicle inside the boundaries of the painted yellow or white lines.

A guest is defined as someone who has been invited by special invitation or upon request of a representative of CTCD; and may or may not have or had affiliation, association or any relationship with the College District.

Parking tips for guests:

  • Guest parking is recognized by special sign or placard distributed by a representative of the College and should be displayed as designed.
  • Special Guests to campus shall adhere to all parking and driving regulations promulgated by the CTCD Board of Trustees and the State of Texas.

Open Parking:
Open parking spaces are available throughout campus, in all parking lots, and are defined as those spaces which are not indicated for a special individual or activity or marked "reserved". Visitors and Guests also cannot occupy spaces painted as reserved for executive officers such as "Chancellor" or for service vehicles such as "Maintenance" or "Official Use Only; these spaces are reserved every day from 6am to 6pm, excluding weekends and holidays.

Parking Citations Received by Campus Visitors or Guests:
Occasionally visitors or guests to our campus violate parking rules or regulations and receive parking citations. Please contact the campus police office as indicated on the front of the parking citation for instruction on how to take care of the citation. Failure to take care of a parking citation by a visitor to CTC could prevent future enrollments.