Crime prevention and awareness at CTC requires the involvement of all members of the college community. The CTCPD strives to provide leadership and direction for this effort through programs ranging from crime prevention seminars to on-site inspections. CTC police officers participate in many crime prevention and awareness presentations each academic year.

CTCPD crime prevention programs stress campus community awareness through the dissemination of materials and presentations to familiarize students, faculty, and staff of their individual responsibility to help reduce criminal activities. Presentations, posters and handouts are all utilized in an effort to make all members of the campus community aware of the potential for crime. The CTC Student newsletter The Bell Tower Buzz the CTC Student EagleMail, and the weekly employee publication NewsLink, are used for presenting crime information to the campus community which may include the occurrence of serious crimes on the campus. Security awareness and crime prevention programs are based upon a dual concept of eliminating and minimizing criminal opportunities when possible and encouraging students, faculty and staff to share safety responsibilities.

Crime prevention and sexual assault programs are presented to students each semester. Topics covered in these presentations include:

  • Sexual offenses
  • How to report offenses
  • Who to contact
  • How offenders choose victims
  • Prevention practices
  • Parking lot safety
  • What to do if assaulted
  • Victim services

The following crime prevention programs are available on central campus: 

  • Operation Identification: To discourage theft on campus, under this program, personal property items are engraved with the owner's personal identification number.
  • Campus Escorts: Courtesy escorts are provided to anyone desiring the need for additional safety when walking to or from their class or vehicle.
  • Vehicle Assistance: The campus police will assist you with your stranded vehicle by providing a courtesy jump start or unlocking it if you accidentally lock your keys inside. Campus police also carry compressed air in case you have a flat tire while on campus.
  • Child Identification: Complimentary fingerprinting of your child and providing an identification kit in case your child is missing, has run away, or is kidnapped.