• Where is the Campus Police Department located on campus?
    The Campus Police Department is located in building #137, directly behind the Student Services (registration) building, #119.
  • Do I really need to get a student parking permit to park on campus?
    As a student, new or returning, you are required to have parking permits on every vehicle you drive and park on campus. Failure to display a parking permit on your vehicle could result in a fine beginning at $25 for each violation.
  • What do I need in order to get a parking permit? 1. Your current/valid CTC ID card. 2. Your drivers license. 3. The state vehicle registration card (license plate paperwork), or the Title of the vehicle showing the current license plate number displayed on the vehicle. Parking permits are issued free of charge and you can register as many vehicles as you may drive and park on campus.
  • This is my first semester as a student here, where may I park? Parking for students, guests and visitors is available in all parking lots on campus. You may park anywhere on campus that is not otherwise designated for a special individual or activity. For example, students should never park in "Reserved," "Official Use Only," or "Visitor" parking spaces or where signs may prohibit parking, except 6pm - 6am daily and all day on the weekends.
  • Are pets allowed on campus?
    The College regulates the presence of pets in buildings and on campus grounds to maintain a safe, healthy environment for students, faculty, staff and guests. Pets are not permitted in College buildings or residences with the exception of service animals such as guide dogs for the blind. All pets on College grounds must be on a leash and restrained from running loose on campus. Individuals are responsible for removal and proper disposal of any animal waste.
  • How do I report a crime that occurred on campus?
    Incidences of crime or criminal activity, including sex crimes and sexual misconduct should be reported immediately by calling the Campus Police office at 526-1427 or reporting directly at the campus police office in building 137.
  • How do I get a copy of a police report for an incident that occurred on the CTC campus?
    Certain information is available to the general public and can be requested at the campus police office; information that is not released to the public must be requested through the Open Records Act by submitting a request in writing at the Office of the Campus Police Department, building 137.
  • Do I need a student I.D. card now that I am enrolled at CTC?
    Yes, the CTCD Student Handbook requires all current registered students to have a valid ID card, You will need a student I.D. card to access the gymnasium, natatorium, some computer labs, and to check out books at the CTC library.
  • How do I get a student I.D. card?
    Student I.D. cards are available daily in Bldg 119, Room 106 and the initial I.D. card is free. Students must bring a photo I.D. card or drivers license and their current paid class receipt to obtain their initial student I.D. card. Replacement I.D. cards can be obtained by first paying a $5.00 fee at the Business Office in building 119 and bringing the paid slip to the I.D. card office along with the class schedule and photo ID.
  • I received a parking ticket on campus. Now what do I do?
    Bring the citation to the Office of the Campus Police before the "appear by" date on the front of the citation to obtain an invoice to pay the citation. Violators may pay the fine or enter a plea of "not guilty" and submit a written appeal. Parking fines begin at $25.00 per violation and many times one citation has multiple violations. Failure to appear by the date on the front of the campus citation results in a forfeiture of the appeals process.