The Mathematics and Engineering Club

     Our Mission:

A. Our club's goal is to foster an appreciation and comprehension of STEM classes at CTC and to assist anyone who wishes to enter those respective fields.

     When do we meet? Who is allowed in the club? What do I need to do?

A. The Math and Engineering Club meets every 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.

B. We accept all Central Texas College students who have taken, are currently enrolled in, or who will take any mathematical or engineering class.

C. Our club has a $10.00 membership fee.

D. Members will have to join our GroupMe group. GroupMe is a free messaging app that allows members to communicate easily.

     What do we do?

A. At every meeting, our club votes and discusses our activities and events to participate in.

B. Members have a voice! If you want the M&E club to do something - bring it up and we will discuss it.


Club Officers:

Faculty Advisors: Prof. Sam Jackson, Prof. Kristine SanNicolas

President: Jessie Wilkerson

Vice President: Mikel Garrison

Treasurer: Logan Betts

Secretary: Matthew Ritch

SGA Representative/Social Media Director: Evan Valek

Still Have Questions? Contact the Club at: