So, you have been notified that you have been placed on Academic Probation or have fallen below good academic standing.

The steps below are to help you understand the academic policy, how it applies to your situation and how you can avoid further registration disruptions. All three steps need to be completed before a student can register.

See Academic Standing for further information about Academic Suspension and Academic Dismissal.


1. These steps are for academic standing and registration holds. Financial Aid standing needs to be addressed with the Office of Financial Aid.

2. This is intended for Academic Probation status only. If you have been notified of Suspension or Dismissal status, please visit the Probation, Suspension and Dismissal information page.



1. Complete the Probation Agreement. Login to eForms and choose Student Probation Agreement from the ST Guidance and Counseling menu. Complete the eForm and send to Route – Inbox, Guidance and Counseling.

2. Contact with questions or concerns.

* Please allow 24-48 hours for your hold to be adjusted.