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Advising & Success Program Counseling Support

   Student Success & Persistence (SSP) provides advising and Success Program counseling services for current and returning students. Success Program counseling initiatives offer preventative support measures to help students avoid pitfalls and address concerns before they become obstacles. SSP counseling services also assist students who fall behind academically or encounter issues (barriers) that may put them in jeopardy of dropping out or withdrawing from school.


Review the descriptions below for more information about CTC general advising and SSP Success Program counseling services and initiatives. 



Academic Advising Options for Students by Location

Central Texas College provides an array of academic advising options to help students set goals, achieve success and complete their degree. Depending on your location, we have different teams of advisors available to assist you.

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Drop-in Advising for current and/or returning students (central campus and Fort Hood)

Drop-in advising at the Academic Studio offers current students 15-minute consultations with success program counselors. Students get answers to questions about academic degree plans, placement exams, test scores, registration, courses schedules, support programs, academic policies and more.

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Early Success Alerts (all students, worldwide)

Central Texas College supports the notion success begins in the classroom. Instructors work directly with students and get a first-hand look at a student's academic performance and probability of success. Success alerts allow CTC instructors the opportunity to identify those students who have the potential to be successful, but may be experiencing difficulties that require support or positive intervention. These students receive a Success Alert email informing them of their instructor's concerns and offers options to help them correct or address the underlying issues and get back on the path to success.

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Probation, Suspension and Dismissal

Central Texas College understands students face issues and barriers that may prevent them from achieving their academic goals. The Academic Standards of Progress identifies students facing academic struggles and assists in providing the support they may need to continue on the path to success. In addition to providing clarity about the CTC Academic Standards of Progress and related processes, the Advising and Success Program counselor office assists students by providing academic counseling, success workshops, skillset development training and other support resources.

To learn more about the Academic Standards of Progress policy and steps students must follow to return to and remain in good standing, please click here


Student Success Workshops

Workshops are designed to help students succeed. The focus on time management, study skills and satisfactory academic progress.

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Faculty Advising: F.A.S.T. - Faculty Advise, Students Thrive


Derived from the SACSCOC Quality Enhancement Plan - In fall 2015, college students at the central campus will be assigned a faculty advisor. The role of the faculty advisor will be to help students complete individual academic goals on time and enhance student learning.

More information for Faculty on Faculty Advising.