Housing Accommodations

Due to limited availability of housing/ADA compliant rooms and the time it takes to process housing requests with DSS, all requests and required forms/documentation for housing accommodations should be submitted at least 60 days prior to the anticipated/expected move-in date. Every effort will be made by DSS to accommodate late requests based on availability of the requested accommodation. Students are also REQUIRED to complete the housing application with Morton Hall. Questions about the housing application should be directed to the staff at Morton Hall.
Students with qualifying disabilities that would like to request housing accommodations are REQUIRED to complete the Request of Housing Accommodation e-Form at https://ctceforms.ctcd.edu.
Students requesting housing accommodations are also REQUIRED to have a licensed professional who has been treating the student's disability complete the Verification Form for Housing Accommodations - this form can be found and printed from the Housing Accommodation e-Form. This form must be submitted to DSS before the request for housing accommodation can be reviewed. Students requesting housing accommodations for a service animal must complete this requirement AND complete the service animal registration process. Please see the Service Animal webpage for further information on service animal registration e-forms.   
Students requesting housing accommodations are also REQUIRED to complete and submit the student intake e-form at  https://ctceforms.ctcd.edu. To be eligible for housing accommodations, students must have a documented disability that must necessitate adjustments to the living environment. Completing and returning required forms to DSS does NOT guarantee that housing accommodations will be approved.
Students are required to complete the Request for Housing Accommodations Form EVERY semester/term they wish to request housing accommodations. The Verification Form for Housing Accommodations will need to be completed and/or updated YEARLY.
*If students require classroom accommodations in addition to housing accommodations, they are required to follow the process for requesting classroom accommodations (please view the Requesting Accommodations link for further information or contact a DSS Coordinator for assistance).