Available in the Academic Studio

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 2-5 p.m.


Drop-in advising sessions address general academic inquiries and last approximately 15 minutes.



Charlotte Wesley                                                       Mariana Zavala

Advising and Success Programs                              Outreach and Communications

Coordinator                                                                Coordinator 

Phone: 254-501-3072                                                 Phone: 254-526-1967

Email charlotte.wesley@ctcd.edu                          Email: mariana.zavala@ctcd.edu


•       Academic Degree Plans

•       Placement Exams

•       Test Scores

•       Registration

•       Course Schedules

•       Academic Policies

•       Other CTC Resources 

•       Transferability Options

•       Detailed Academic Degree Plan Evaluations

•       Changing Academic Degree Plans

•       Academic Standards


We are located on Central Campus in the Student Center (Bldg.) 106 on the second floor in the Academic Studio. Please call 254-526-1580 for more information.


Please come prepared for sessions by bringing your student ID, a copy of your current degree plan and course schedule.


Note: Students who need more in-depth support may receive a referral to meet with CTC Guidance and Counseling Academic Advisors or other related student support program representatives.