Central Texas College and the Central Texas College District (CTCD) will not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form. Sexual misconduct is a flagrant violation of the values and behavioral expectations of a college community. All reported violations within the jurisdiction of the college, including sexual assault and harassment, will be investigated and, as warranted, will be resolved through appropriate college disciplinary processes and/or criminal proceedings in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.
Students who believe that they have been subjected to sexual assault or harassment should report their complaint to the Campus Police as soon as possible after the incident occurs. Reports of sexual misconduct by another student may be made to the Director of Student Life Activities in the Student Center, building 106 or to the Campus Police. Students' allegations involving college employees may be reported to the Director of Human Resource Management, building 155 or to the Campus Police.
Existing disciplinary and grievance procedures will serve as the framework for resolving allegations of sexual misconduct. Students found guilty of sexual misconduct will be subject to campus disciplinary penalties found in the Student Handbook. College employees found guilty of sexual misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action as specified by personnel policies. In addition, employees and students may face criminal prosecution in the event of violations of applicable state and federal laws.
The rights of both the accused and the complainant shall be protected, and the confidentiality of proceedings will be maintained to the fullest extent possible. The rights of the individual filing the grievance to pursue legal remedies through criminal or civil courts will not be infringed by use of College disciplinary or grievance procedures. Similarly, College disciplinary or grievance procedures will not be prejudiced by the initiation of such action.
All sexual assault policies and protocols can also be found in Central Texas College’s Student Handbook.
In accordance with Texas House Bill No. 699 and the Campus SaVE Act/Clery Act, Central Texas College provides mandatory orientation/training on our campus' sexual assault policy for incoming freshmen and undergraduate transfer student during their first term. To fulfill this requirement, students are required to complete the following online Power Point orientation/training: Student Orientation/Training - CTC's Sexual Assault Policy