CTC Europe Contacts


Central Texas College is a large and diverse organization spread throughout the world. To contact Central Texas College Europe:

  • Via telephone or postal mail - select a type of contact or country from the list to the right. Europe Headquarters lists Administrative and Regional Staff. The countries to the right list phone, addresses and emails for local CTC staff.
  • Via Google+ at the Central Texas College Europe Google+ page 
  • Click here to download a flyer with several media ways contact CTC Europe.
  • Click here to download a flyer with web links to contact our Site Coordinators and Staff.
  • Via Email
    • General Question - Keith.Gordon@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Evaluations and Transcripts - Ancica.Roosa@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Graduation - Ancica.Roosa@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Student Services - Ancica.Roosa@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Online Mentor - Jimmie.Tolbert@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Financial Aid - Financial.Aid@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Librarian and Textbooks - Frank.Roosa@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Marketing - James.Lurati@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Gateway to Italian or Spanish - Sandra.Spater@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Human Resources - Michael.Spruell@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Employment - Faculty/Teaching - Wendy.Nemyer@europe.ctcd.edu
    • Webmaster Europe - Keith.Gordon@europe.ctcd.edu


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