Will I receive combat pay?
Will I have to carry a weapon?
No. Civilians are not allowed to carry weapons at any time.
Will I be asked to wear protective gear (helmet, bullet proof vest)?
You will be required to wear a helmet and Kevlar vest while traveling to and within Afghanistan only. No other areas require this.
Will I receive some vacation time while I am down range?
Do I have to receive any vaccines?
Vaccines against typhoid, tetanus, and hepatitis are recommended for Afghanistan and will be provided by the military before you deploy. Medication against Malaria may be required for other areas and will be provided by military medical facilities.
What am I allowed to bring with me on my assignment (personal goods)?
Don't bring too much with you. However, you can mail almost anything using the military postal system. Illegal goods (drugs, alcohol, etc.) are forbidden. There is no possibility of shipping a private vehicle.
Will my spouse/parent/friend be allowed to come and visit me while I am down range?
Will I be allowed to return to the US/Europe if an immediate family member becomes critically ill/dies while I am down range?
Of course.
What is the length of a typical work day?
In Afghanistan, the workday is 12 hours/ 7 days/week. In other areas, employees work 60 hour weeks.
Will the money I earn be tax free?
Possibly, depending on your individual status.
Will I be eating in the dining facilities with the soldiers - how will I pay/do I pay for my meals?
Depending on the site, you may be eating in a dining facility with soldiers, or at the various US restaurants on post provided by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Dining Facility meals are cost free. Employees in Qatar do not have the possibility of cost-free meals and so are compensated by the college.
What happens if I become seriously ill while I am down range?
The military has evacuation procedures for serious illness or injury.
Will I have my own living quarters?
Most likely not. Please read the "Living Conditions" section of each country description.
Will I be allowed to leave post at times?
If you are working in Afghanistan, you will not be allowed to leave post at any time. Employees in Kuwait, Qatar, and the Sinai are allowed to leave post with permission of the Education Services Officer.
Will I be given or can I bring a laptop computer?
You may bring a laptop. These are not provided by the school.
What do people do for entertainment on this post?
The military's Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs provide soldiers and civilians with many activities on post. There are fitness facilities, movie theaters, and other entertainment.
Who will be my main point of contact at CTC?
Your main point of contact while you are getting ready to deploy will be the Deployment Coordinator.
If I like my down range assignment, will I be able to extend it?
After the first six month tour, you will be able to extend for another by mutual consent.

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