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Fire Protection Resources

Reference Textbooks


Building Construction - Paperback

Brady. ISBN 9780131172517


Building Construction - IRCD to accompany

Brady. ISBN 9780132208116


Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, 5th

Brady. ISBN 9780135041598


eRescource to accompany Fire Behavior & Combustion Process

Delmar. ISBN 9781401880224


Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, 3rd

PennWell. ISBN 9781593700614


Fundamentals of Fire & Emergency Services, 2nd

Brady. ISBN 9780133419238


Firehouse Magazine Articles


---March 2010---


Earthquake in Haiti

Explosion rips Detroit Chemical Plant

Technology Challenges for the Fire Service

The Vulnerability of our 911 System

Know the Hazards of peaked roofs

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease


---April 2010---


Fire Heroism & Community Service Awards

Firefighter Training - High-Rise Operations

What it means to be an Exceptional Leader

Why does a Firefighter need a College Education?


---May 2010---


Hazmat Train Derails in Illinois

Truss Truce - 3 simple & effective training tools

Why cellar fires are so dangerous

Real Leaders don't just accept change - they initiate it!

Ensuring extreme service in the toughest conditions


---June 2010---


National Run Survey - Fire Department Surveys

Tunnel Training

8 departments mount defensive attack on Commercial Fire


---July 2010---


National Run Survey - Total Calls, busiest ladder, busiest engine

Designing your new Fire Station

Finding New Apparatus in tough economic times

7 alarms in NY City

Rapid Removal of a downed Firefighter

How does your Department Compare? National statistical report

Wall collapse injures Detroit firefighters

Embrace the Leadership Power of --ONE--

How to establish an emergency scene Rehab Program

Size-up Skills vital in exterior operations



---November 2010---


Apparatus Issue - 2010 showcase

Making sure you receive competitive bids

Response Times: are they rea?

Station Nightclub Fire: a learning experience for the Fire Service

Rhythm Night Club Tragedy


---December 2010---


2011 Buyer's Guide Issue

Technical rescue

Confines Space Rescue - is it worth killing yourself over?

Operating a high line rope-rescue system

Leadership and the Power of Positive Influence

Fire Service-based EMS: Important Help for Fire Departments


---January 2011---


Apparatus Roundtable

New-Apparatus success stories

You and your Bunker Gear

Get your Department Ready - firefighting's now a whole new ballgame

Rapid Intervention Reality - You may not get a second chance


---February 2011---


The Incident Command System - exploring the next generation

Integrated Tactical Accountability - introducing a freelance-Prevention System that works

Social Media & the Fire Service - a powerful combination

Understanding and navigating The Online Course


---March 2011---


USAR Teams gather for World-class exercise in technical rescue

Learning from tragedy: the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

High-Rise Tactics: the rebirth of the rapid ascent team

3 simple ideas for a healthier fire service


---April 2011---


Education promotes effective Emergency Management

Bipartisan Support for Fire Service Issues

Lightning strikes gasoline tank farm

Heroism & Community Service Awards


---June 2011---


National Run Survey - Fire Department Profiles

The Forward Stretch

Creating a partnership for technical rescue training


---July 2011---


National Run Survey - Total Calls

Effective Chief Fire Officer behaviors

Hoarders & firefighting operations

Integrated Tactical Accountability - A Freelance-Prevention System that works

Fire Training Facilities roundtable


---August 2011---


National Run Survey - busiest engine, ladder, chief, station, heavy rescue, hazmat, ambulance, EMS

Close Calls - "He's shooting at us!"

Committees drive a national fire curriculum!

Environmental Awareness in the Fire Service

Massive mill fire in Rhode Island


---September 2011---


9/11 Never Forget


---October 2011---


Volunteer Run Survey


Earthquake rocks East Coast

Reputation Equity - our actions must match our words

Mission First, People always - a military approach to volunteer fire department leadership challenges

Fire Politics - why you must understand how the system works


---November 2011---


Apparatus Showcase

Strategic Thinking - business as usual is over

Vice President Joe Biden - "A debt we can never truly repay"

How to spec and finance apparatus in today's economy


---December 2011---


The "Search" in urban search & rescue

Bad Day on a Texas fireground

The Power of humility - to be an effective leader, try swallowing your pride


---January 2012---


7 Alarms at plastics plant

How to nail your first-due strategic responsibility

the Power of the Company Officer

L. A. Arson Epidemic

Standardizing Fire Science Education


---March 2012---


The "Muscle" in Urban Search & Rescue

Four-alarm fire destroys chemical plant

Close Call at Roof Operation


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