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Programs Offered at Fort Hood Campus

Classroom Courses*

The Fort Hood Campus offers five 8-week terms and several mini-terms throughout the year. Day and evening courses are offered. Courses are available to active duty military and civilians. For more information, contact Student Services at (254) 526-1917.

Online Courses*

Online courses are offered year-round in 8-, 12-, and 16-week terms. Students can complete degree programs online or combine online courses with classroom courses. The courses are available to active duty military and civilians. For more information, visit our website at http://online.ctcd.edu.

Hospitality Programs*

Certificate and degree programs are offered in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management fields to prepare students for careers in the food service industry. All courses are taught in an 8-week format and are available to active duty military and civilians. See the Central Texas College Fort Hood Campus schedule for course offerings. For more information, contact Hospitality Programs at (254) 526-1912.

IT Industry Certification Preparation Program*

The courses to become a MCSA: Windows Server 2008 are offered through Central Texas College to prepare students for the CompTIA certifications for Network+, Security+ and CompTIA A+. By successfully passing the 19- semester hour program, students will earn a Certificate of Completion from Central Texas College. Courses are available to active duty military and civilians and are offered in an accelerated format in the evenings on the Fort Hood Campus. For more information, contact Student Services at (254) 526-1917.

Leader Skills Enhancement/NCO LEAD Program

This program provides NCOs with the tools necessary to teach and reinforce military skills by offering Management and Computer Skills courses on a weekly basis during duty hours. Courses are available, free of charge, to active-duty military of all ranks and DOD/DA civilians. All courses are worth one semester hour each and may be applied to certificates and certain associate degree programs.

To view the most recent schedule, visit the Education Services Division website at http://www.hood.army.mil/esd/ (click on On-Duty programs, then Leader Skills Enhancement) or contact the NCO Lead Office at (254) 532-1505.

Supervision Management

This program consists of 27 Management courses. Basic and Advanced Supervision Management Certificates of Completion are available.

Computer Skills

This program consists of 15 Computer Skills courses. A Microcomputer Specialist Certificate of Completion is available.

Military Skills Enhancement Program

These courses are offered to active-duty military and provide military skills enhancement for MOS improvement, job performance and technical certification. For more information, contact the Troop School Office at (254) 287-4191.

Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA)*

The Microsoft Software & Systems Academy is a pioneering program that taps into the talent and experience of military veterans to help meet our nation’s critical need for IT professionals. MSSA is designed for active duty service members transitioning from the military, with openings on a space available basis for other active duty and non-military students. Tuition is covered under military Tuition Assistance (TA), the GI Bill, and/or other financial aid programs.

MSSA is a full-time information technology program. Participants on active duty are required to provide a signed MFR from their unit in order to participate in the program. Coursework includes technical training, certification testing, practical exercises, and mentoring. Students will receive college credits for completing each course, and upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to receive an MSSA Certificate of Completion through Central Texas College.

Transitioning active duty military and eligible veteran students who successfully complete the program are eligible to interview for potential jobs at Microsoft or with their partner organizations.

For additional program information, click HERE.

*For these programs/services, active duty soldiers should meet with their Education Services Counselor located in the Soldier Development Center, Bldg. 33009, Battalion Avenue and 74th Street, to activate or update their GoArmyEd accounts.


Services Offered at Fort Hood Campus

Soldier Development Center (SDC) Building 33009, Room D213

761st Tank Battalion Ave, Fort Hood, Texas
HOURS: Monday-Friday 0900-1800 (9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)
Testing open on a walk-in basis; no appointment necessary.



  • Active-Duty Military must provide a counselor referral slip in order to test
  • DSST Public Speaking is offered only the 1st Monday of each month at 0900.
  • Fees: Free for Active-Duty Military and Reserves. $100 for all other students.
  • Payment: Cash (exact change only), Credit/Debit, Check or Money Order. If paying by Check or Money Order, please provide two (2) separate checks: $80 payable to "College Board" and $20 payable to "CTC".
  • Fees: $20 for all students.
  • Payment: Cash (exact change), Credit/Debit, Check or Money Order
  • Central Texas College Exams: Test Proctor Submission Form not required
    • Fees: None
  • Exams from Other Institutions: Students must contact their home institution to designate the CTC Testing Coordinator as their proctor.
    • Fees: $20 for up to 3 hours and $40 for 4 or more hours
    • Payment: Cash (exact change)1, Credit/Debit, Check or Money Order
The Testing Center closes for lunch from 1330-1430 and closes for the day at 1800.  Students must start their tests early enough to complete the entire test brfore the Test Center closes.  Students are not permitted to work on the same test over more than one testing session. For more information, contact the Testing Coordinator at (254) 290-0701 or patryce.kennerson@ctcd.edu.

Academic Guidance & Counseling Services

The Fort Hood Campus Academic Advisors are located in the Lobby of Bldg. 3201, M-F 0730-1630, (254) 526-1916/1917.

Student Records

The Fort Hood Campus Records & Registration Office is located in the Lobby of Bldg. 3201, M-F 0730-1630, (254) 526-1906.

CTC Business Office

The Fort Hood Campus Business Office is located in the Lobby of Bldg. 3201 M-F, 0730-1630, (254) 526-1918/1919.

CTC Bookstore

Representatives from the CTC Bookstore are available in the Lobby of Bldg. 3201, M-Th, 0800-1600 the week prior to the start of class and during the first week of classes.

CTC VA Representative

A VA Specialist is now located in the Lobby of Bldg. 3201, M-F, 0800-1630.

Casey Memorial Library

The Casey Memorial Library Bldg. 3202 is open to military and civilian personnel on Fort Hood. It is open 7 days a week excluding holidays, and offers 100 Internet-accessible computers, as well as over 80,000 books and 6,000 DVDs. For more information, call (254) 287-4921/5202.