Central Texas College

Registration Checklist

Checklist to get started


  1. Admissions Application: If you are a new student or have not taken a class with CTC in the last year, you must first complete the admissions application.  Download, complete, and print the application, found here, and then return it to our office, either in person or via fax.
  2. Consult the schedule to choose your classes:  The course schedules for on-site classes will be located here.  The schedules will be available on our website at least one month prior to the start of classes.
    • If you are interested in distance education classes, please see the schedule located here.  These classes begin each month and you must register 12 days prior to the start date to be included.
  3. Complete a registration form: Each term, you must complete a registration form where you will list the courses in which you wish to enroll.  The registration form can be found here.  You must return the form to our office, either in person or via fax, by the deadline that is posted on the schedule.  The earlier you register the better.
    • When completing the registration form, here are a few helpful hints:
      • The “Location Code” is the site on which the class will be held (CBOLL = Bolling; CBETH = Bethesda; DL = online).
      • “Course Synonym Number” is the 5 digit number to the far left of each course.
      • “Course Name” is the 4 letter pneumonic indicating the course subject (i.e. MATH, HIST, BIOL).
      • “Course Number” is the 4 digit number that appears after the course name (i.e. 1301, 1414, 2301).
  4. Payment is due upon registration:  You must pay for your course when you submit your registration form.  If you are paying by credit card, you must come to our office to submit your payment.
    • If you are using a TA (Tuition Assistance), you must present us with a copy of that TA at the time of registration.
    • If you are using Financial Aid, please note that at the top of your registration form.  Be sure that you have completed all appropriate paperwork to receive your financial aid before you register.
    • If you are the recipient of a scholarship (such as TEACH), please note that at the top of your registration form.  You must complete all appropriate paperwork with the awarding organization prior to registration at CTC.
    • If you are using VA benefits, please provide us with a copy of your VA letter.
  5. Order your books:  Once you have registered for your courses, you may purchase your books through the online retailer MBS Direct.  Their website is www.mbsdirect.net.  Search for Central Texas College, the appropriate start date range and your course.  If you choose to order from another online retailer such as Amazon or bn.com, be sure to consult MBS Direct first and obtain all ISBN numbers for your books.  Doing so will ensure that you have the correct editions of each text.