Central Texas College

Distance Learning Instructions For Deployed Students


Deployed Distance Learning Students:


Tuition costs are $225.52 per credit hour.

Total cost for a 3-credit hour course: $675.56

Total cost for a 4-credit hour course: $902.08


Tuition Assistance Process:

Go to https://myeducation.netc.navy.mil Click on the Register as New User to set up your account. You can access your account using your CAC card or log in with your user ID.  Additional questions or assistance can be  provided through The Joint Education Center Deployment. Point of contact is:  Ms. Francine Valverde  


 You may also contact the Joint Education Center by phone: (760)725-6414 / (760)725-6660


Ms. Valverde email address:


Mr. Michael McCracken


Registration Process:

After your Tuition Assistance is completely processed, please send your signed TA voucher and registration form (1st time students) to Online Mentors to complete the registration process. If you are a returning student, please register yourself online (following directions listed in the Online Help Resource Booklet) and immediately send your signed TA voucher to Online Mentors. All contact information is listed below. All questions regarding registration and tuition rates should be directed to Online Mentors. If you are unable to register yourself, please contact Online Mentors, contact information is listed below.


Online Mentors:

1(866)350-4729 or 1(800)792-3348 extension: 1298 / 1637 / 1254

Email: online.mentors@ctcd.edu


Proctored Exams:

Once you have registered for your class(es), contact Online Mentors to set up your Proctor (the person who signed your TA). Give Online Mentors that person’s name and contact information requesting approval for proctoring your exams.

*Note: Proctors must have a Bachelors Degree*