• Q: Can I participate in the graduation ceremony if I have not completed all my classes?

    A: Yes you can.  You do not need to have completed all classes to participate in the graduation ceremony.  However, classes must be completed during that year of the current graduation ceremony.
  • Q: I’ve lost my high school diploma, how can I get another copy?

    A: You may request a copy of your high school diploma or transcripts by contacting your high school.  If the high school is no longer available, you may contact the school district of the high school or the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Q: Can I apply for graduation if I have not completed all required courses?

    A: Yes.  You can apply for graduation if classes are not complete.  However, classes must be completed by the end of the graduation date (see graduations deadlines).
  • Q: I will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Can I pick up my diploma from your office?

    A: Diplomas are mailed out to the address specified on the graduation application.
  • Q: How do I apply for Graduation?

    A: All students must apply for graduation by filling out an Online Graduation Application.  Access this form by logging into your etrieve account.  



NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the September 18, 2020 graduation ceremony aboard Camp Pendleton at the MCB Training Center has been canceled. Please contact CTC Camp Pendleton for additional details.