Central Texas College

Military Evaluation

Initial Military Evaluations

To receive a military evaluation, you must complete six semester hours with Central Texas College (CTC) with a 2.0 GPA.

To apply for an evaluation, you will need to fill out an Evaluation Request form and a Smart Request form.  If you want to earn maximum evaluated credits for your degree plan then you should go with your General Education.  If you desire a more specific field of study, select one additional degree for your Soc Agreement.

Official transcripts are required from all universities/colleges that you have previously attended in order to complete your evaluation process.  There are no exceptions.  You will need to send your transcripts to this address below:

Central Texas College
Attention: Evaluations
Joint Education Center Building 1331
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

CTC must receive these transcripts directly from the issuing institution. 

The evaluation process is completed within 6-8 weeks after your evaluation packet is sent.  The only time when the process will take longer is when documents or transcripts are missing or you do not meet the requirements.  A letter or e-mail will be sent informing you why your evaluation request cannot be processed at this time. 

Upon completion, your degree plan will be your Soc agreement. The following will be included in your Soc Agreement:

  • The requirements for you to earn CTC residency
  • Transfer credits from other schools
  • You MCI’s and MOS’s
  • Credit awarded for tests taken (i.e. CLEP, DANTES, etc.)
  • Classes still required to graduate
  • All schools reviewed for acceptance of transfer credit are listed at the bottom of your Soc Agreement
  • The name of the school is listed, along with the last year attended
  • The number of credits listed on transcript, as well as, number of credits accepted in the transfer

You can earn up to 12-24 elective credits for the AA in General Studies through your MOS and MCI’s! The maximum number of credits awarded by CTC at the time of the initial evaluation will not exceed 45 semester hours.  Students attending Soc-designed schools are guaranteed course transferability.  When you are attending another Soc school, an advisor can provide you a listing of transferable courses.  To claim residency on your degree plan, you must have at least 16 semester hours.

Once you receive your Soc Agreement, you can set up an appointment with a counselor.

To schedule an appointment, please call (760) 725-6386 or (760) 385-4942

Time limits are not required for a degree plan, except for most Associate of Applied Science degree plans.  Evaluated credit may be used to satisfy your required degree plan.  Once all elective hours are filled, only courses that fit specific degree plan requirements may be awarded.  You cannot earn additional credits after you graduate unless you are going to pursue a second degree with CTC.

The requirements for your updated Soc Agreement will be a re-submitted documentation of your Smarts and a new request for your evaluation update.  You do not need to re-submit your transcripts from another school unless you have completed courses from another college/university since your last evaluation.

For more information about Evaluations, please contact Jennifer Oliva