Army Getting Started at CTC Instructions


Army Getting Started



How to Set Up Your GoArmyEd Account

  1. Go to and select the “Student” Radio button in the Create/Activate GoArmyEd Account Section
  1.  Select the “Create/Activate Account” button
  2.  Complete the required information to create a base-role GoArmyEd account; this will result in the creation of your GoArmyEd user name and password
  1.  The following steps must be completed:

? Log in to using your user name and password or your CAC

? Select the “Request TA Access” Smart Link

? View the “Welcome to VIA” video

? Select a career goal, degree program, and home school using the VIA tool

? Submit the request for approval by an Army Education Counselor to activate TA-eligible access in GoArmyEd


  1. After completing the steps listed above, your Army Education Counselor/ESS/ESO will review your application and pending approval, activate your GoArmyEd account. You will receive an email when your application has been approved and you have access to request TA.
  1.  The first time you select “Request TA” to sign up for classes, you will be prompted to complete the Common Application and submit your TA Statement of Understanding (SOU)


How to Request TA and Enroll in a Class


  1. TA Requests MUST be submitted before the class starts or no later than the final day of the school’s late registration period.
  1. Log in to
  1. Select the “Request TA” Smart Link
  1. Confirm your school name is pre-populated and the class start-date range is correct then select “Next”
  1.  View Class Search Results. Select the “Class Details” button before enrolling to view more class information (e.g., class description, SH cost, prerequisites, required class materials, etc.)
  1.  Select “Request Class” for your desired class (NOTE: You can get the exact class you want by obtaining the GoArmyEd Class Section number  and just inputting that number when applying for tuition assistance)

You can obtain the GoArmyEd Section Numbers at this following CTC Site:

  1.  The Confirm Classes screen displays class cost information. Be sure to review the cost covered by TA and any cost you must self-pay.
  1. Select “Process Enrollment” or “I Agree To Pay.”

Note: If TA does not cover the entire cost of the class, you are responsible for the remainder, which will be billed directly by the school.

Note: Do not X out of page. Select “Cancel Request” if class selection is in error.

  1. Review and update your account information if necessary, then select “Account Information Verified”
  1.  The View Results screen displays the status of your enrollment request. If the Status column shows a green checkmark, you have successfully enrolled, pending final approval from the school. You will receive an email confirming enrollment.


Submit all official transcripts from former colleges/universities and Joint Services Transcript (JST) to:

Central Texas College
ATTN: Incoming Transcripts
PO Box 1800
Killeen, TX 76540-1800

If you choose CTC as your host college, your military evaluation will be completed prior to the end of your second class taken through GoArmyEd.  In order to process your evaluation, go to: and official transcripts from previous colleges attended must be received by CTC.

Degree Plan Requirement:

Have a degree plan on record. Browse over 100 degree plans available through CTC on the GoArmyEd portal or on the CTC website.   Army Tuition Assistance (TA) policy requires Soldiers to have a SOCAD Student Agreement (SA) or documented degree plan uploaded to their GoArmyEd Student Records by the end of their second class taken at their home college or prior to completing nine semester hours at any college using TA. If the SOCAD SA or documented degree plan is not in place, a hold will automatically be placed to prevent the Soldier from using TA until this requirement is met. Official transcripts from prior colleges attended and your official AARTs must be on file with CTC before a SOCAD agreement can be issued.  If you currently have a paper SOCAD SA or a documented degree plan from your home college, take it to your Army Education counselor to have it scanned and uploaded to your GoArmyEd Student Record eFile. This requirement must be completed by the end of your second course.


The most common error in class enrollment is selection of the wrong section. To avoid this type of rejection:

  • Ensure that the section selected corresponds to the tuition rate applicable to your physical location. Contact your site representative, refer to the first letter of the section number or log onto the class number search page (links) on the CTC website.


  • Ensure that your current physical location matches your address recorded on your common application. If it does not, correct your application. TA is only authorized for courses required for the completion of a Soldier's approved educational degree plan (degree or certificate). Soldiers who enroll in courses that are not part of their certificate/degree plan will be required to reimburse the TA-funded portion of tuition for the unauthorized course(s). Soldiers may not use TA for repeated courses, unless the Soldier has previously reimbursed the Army for the course.



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