CLEP Scheduling


After registering/prepaying via My Account, candidates must contact a CLEP test center to schedule an appointment to test.

Candidates are free to test at any CLEP test center; they are not required to test at the preferred center that they indicated when registering.

Each test center is responsible for establishing their own scheduling procedures and setting their own schedules.

Appointments to test are arranged between the test center and the candidates according to the practices of the individual test center (e.g., registration forms, walk-ins, call-ins, advance scheduling).

Note: iBT system maintenance will occur approximately one weekend a month over a 12-hour period. You will be unable to access the system or administer exams during this time. You will be notified about the maintenance window in advance so you can plan your testing schedules accordingly.

Each exam that a candidate takes requires individual registration via the My Account registration portal. Candidates will be able to view and/or print their CLEP Exam Registration Ticket once they have successfully registered and paid their exam fee via My Account.

If your center charges a test administration fee, candidates must pay their test administration fee to/at the test center directly.

When a candidate calls to schedule an appointment to test, please remind the candidate to bring the following items on test day:

  • CLEP Exam Registration Ticket.
  • Test administration fee. Also inform the candidate of your acceptable forms of payment for the fee.
  • Acceptable and valid photo identification. The name on the ID must exactly match the name printed on the ticket.

Cell phones and other devices and materials are not allowed in the test center. Inform the candidate to refer to the information printed on the ticket for details.