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Courses Currently Using Cengage Material:

CTC Quarterly Booklist: Courses currently using Cengage Materials

STUDENTS: Please read the below BEFORE purchasing your course materials. If you are taking other courses using Cengage products, you may want to choose the Cengage Unlimited Subscription (1 semester, 1 year, or 2-year options).  

Options Available at Campus and Online Bookstore

1.  Textbook, eBook, Bundles, or Standalone Digital Access ranging from $30-$350

2.  Cengage Unlimited Subscription for 4 months for $119.99.

What is Cengage Unlimited? It is a digital subscription service…think Netflix or Apple Music. With Cengage Unlimited you can access ALL Cengage materials you are using across ALL your courses AND a library of 20,000 eBooks, Cengage Learning platforms (MindTap, WebAssign, Aplia, CNOW, iLrn, OWL), study guides, reference materials, and more!

If your instructor has a Digital Course in a Cengage Learning platform such as MindTap, WebAssign, OWL, CNOW, iLrn, you will have the option to rent a printed copy of the book for $7.99 (the cost of shipping).  You also have the option to purchase a loose-leaf version of your textbook for a discounted rate ranging from $19.95 to $47.95 (you can keep the loose-leaf copy).  If a loose-leaf book is available then it will display under your print options in your Cengage Unlimited dashboard.  As a bonus, when your subscription ends, you can choose up to six eBooks to keep on your Cengage Dashboard for an additional twelve months.

Note: The $7.99 Print Rental option is only available with enrollment in Digital Courseware (MindTap, CNOW, WebAssign, etc.) and with a paid Cengage Unlimited Subscription. Any CTC course can be set up in this format to offer a printed copy.

Other Subscription Options

  • Cengage Unlimited Subscription for 12 months - $179.99
  • Cengage Unlimited Subscription for 24 months - $239.99

Last updated: Sep 11, 2018