Tuition Cost & Term Dates






Tuition and fees for Continental and International locations are determined by contracts and agreements. Fees are subject to change as approved by the Board of Trustees.


Site Tuition is $250 credit hr
3hr= $750.00
4hr= $1,000.00


Distance Learning is $248 credit hr

*** August 1, 2020***

3hr= $744.00
4hr= $992.00


**DL TX In-District Resident Rate (Military): $95.00 credit hr

**DL TX Out-of-District Resident Rate (Non-Military): $119.00 credit hr




Academic Dates



College Term Dates 20/21


FALL I:                        August 10-October 3                  Holidays: September 7

FALL II:                      October 12-December 12           Fall Break (no on-site classes: Nov 22-28)

SPR I:                          January 18-March 13                  Holiday: Jan 18 & Feb 15

SPR II                          March 22 -May 15

SUM:                           May 31-July 31                           Sum Break (no on-site classes Jun 27-Jul 3)

Holiday: May 31




College Term Dates 21/22


FALL I:                        August 16-October 9                    Holidays: September 6

FALL II:                      October 18-December 18            Fall Break (no on-site classes: Nov 21-27)

SPR I:                         January 17-March 12                    Holiday: Jan 17 & Feb 21

SPR II                         March 21-May 14

SUM:                         May 30-July 30                               Sum Break (no on-site classes Jul 3-9)

Holiday: May 30





The tuition refund policy of Central Texas College for students using Title IV or DOD funds meets the requirements of federal agencies.  Out-of-state refund policies will be applied if valid and requested.

For Georgia students, refunds are determined based on the proration of tuition and percentage of a program completed at withdrawal, up until 50 percent of the program unless the Georgia students are attending under a federally funded contract, MOU, or program.  In those cases, the refund schedule agreed to within those contracts, MOU's or programs will be followed instead.