Tuition Cost & Term Dates


Tuition and fees for Continental and International locations are determined by contracts and agreements. Fees are subject to change as approved by the Board of Trustees.

*Effective August 2018 site tuition for both locations will increase to $225.00 per credit hour*

*Site Tuition is $200 credit hr
3hr= $600.00
4hr= $800.00


Distance Learning is $235 credit hr
3hr= $705.00
4hr= $940.00


**DL TX In-District Resident Rate (Military): $90.00 credit hr

**DL TX Out-of-District Resident Rate (Non-Military): $113.00 credit hr





College Term Dates


October 16 - December 16
[Fall 2 - 8 Week]

Holidays: November 11

No Classes November 19-25 

January 16 - March 10 
[Spr 1 - 8 Week]

Holidays: January 15 & February 19 

March 26 - May 19 
[Spr 2 - 8 Week]

Holidays: None

May 29 - July 21
[Sum - 8 Week]

Holidays: July 4


The tuition refund policy of Central Texas College for students using Title IV or DOD funds meets the requirements of federal agencies.  Out-of-state refund policies will be applied if valid and requested.

For Georgia students, refunds are determined based on the proration of tuition and percentage of a program completed at withdrawal, up until 50 percent of the program unless the Georgia students are attending under a federally funded contract, MOU, or program.  In those cases, the refund schedule agreed to within those contracts, MOU's or programs will be followed instead.