Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How much are courses per credit hour?

Onsite courses are $200 per credit and are available at the Schofield and Tripler Education Centers.

Online courses are $235 per credit for non-Texas residents, $113 per credit for Texas residents, and $90 per credit for active duty Texas residents.

Please note: Tuition rates are subject to change at any moment

How do I qualify for Texas residency?

Active duty students will qualify for residency if their LES reflects their home state of record as Texas.  Non-active duty students must be the dependents of active duty members with orders to be in Hawaii and list Texas as their home state of record on their LES.

To apply for Texas Residency, click on the following link: Apply for Admission

How do I apply?

Active duty army students will log into their GoArmyEd portals and choose Central Texas College as their homeschool.  Students in all other branches of military service and civilians need to fill out an application for admission, available here: Apply to CTC.

Do I need to take a placement exam?

All active duty or Reservists and former military students do not need to take a placement exam.  If you have no prior military service, you will need to take a placement exam.  The cost for placement exams is $25 and tests Math and English skills.

Where do I take a placement exam?

Please click on the following link: Placement Exams/CLEP/DANTES.

When do classes start?

Online classes begin every month and vary from 8,12, and 16 weeks in length.  (Registration for online classes ends two weeks prior to the start date.)  Onsite classes have four terms per year that are 10 weeks in length.  (Registration for onsite classes ends the first day classes begin.)

How do I enroll for a class?

Active duty Army soldiers always register through their GoArmyEd portal.

All other students may register in person at a one of our CTC Hawaii locations or through WebAdvisor.

How do I order books?

Books can be ordered from the following link: Books/Instructional Materials.  You can check for used books sold by students at the CTC Schofield Barracks office, 808-624-0198.

How do I drop a class?

Please note: to avoid any charges students must drop their class prior to the start date!  Active duty army students must drop classes on their GoArmyEd portal.  All other students must visit a CTC Hawaii location and fill out a withdrawal form or drop classes through WebAdvisor.

How do I submit my military transcript (JST)?

Your JST can be submitted digitally from the website:  Be sure to choose the CTC main campus in Killeen, TX as the receiving institution.

How do I get a military evaluation?

Instructions on how to obtain a military evaluation are on this website:

 How do I apply for financial aid?

Apply for financial through:  (School code for CTC: 004003).  The financial aid office at the main campus processes all submitted applications.








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