Central Texas College

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost per credit hour?
$170 per credit hour, equaling $510 for a 3 credit on base class and $680 for a 4 credit on base class.
 $194 per credit hour, equaling $582 for a 3 credit on line class and $776 for a 4 credit on line class.

Do you have online classes?

What classes do you offer online?
Go to www.ctcd.edu and hover over "Students", click on “Distance Education Students”, then "schedule", then choose start date in dropdown box. All courses offered with that start date will be listed.

Do I have to submit a payment to the San Diego location if I am registering for an online class?
Yes, you must submit a payment to the San Diego location by Tuition Assistance, GI Bill, Financial Aid, cashier's check/money order, or credit card payment to the business office..

How do I register for an online class?
If using TA, Submit a WebTA request. When you receive your approved authorization form, sign it, and  bring it in with your DL forms by the deadline and we'll get you registered.

I need to take a proctored exam for my online class, what do I need to do?  When can I take it?

Monday & Wednesday 0900-1500 and Friday 0900-1000. For North Island, call Tiffany Jones at 619-437-1021 or email at tiffany.jones@ctcd.edu

Tuesday & Thursday 0900-1500 and Friday 0900-1000. For 32nd St, call Aaron Tolentino at 619-696-1080 or email at aaron.tolentino@ctcd.edu.

What classes do you offer on base?
We have a schedule out for classes offered at 32nd St, North Island and NAB. 

Do I need to take a placement exam before enrolling in any of your classes?
Yes, but only for English and Math.

What if I have taken one from another school?
All students who wish to take Math or English with CTC need to take the placement exam or for math show proof of completion of Intermediate Algebra or higher.

What if I need to drop a class?
Come into one of the CTC offices and fill out a withdrawal form.

Does it cost money to drop a class?
Not if you drop it BEFORE the class starts or if you have military orders.  You must come into the office and fill out the appropriate paperwork with a CTC representative.

How do I order official transcripts from CTC?
Go online to www.ctcd.edu, hover over "Students", hover over "Current CTC Students", then click on "Transcript Services".  Choose an option or stop by any of our offices and pick up the request form.

How much does it cost to order official transcripts?
Transcripts are free unless you choose an expedited method of delivery.

My grade is not showing on my JST (Joint Services Transcript).  What do I do?
Go to www.ctcd.edu, click on  Webadvisor in the top right of screen.  Login instructions are available. If you have problems logging in call 1-800-792-3348 x1637. Once you are logged in you can print your grades at "transcripts" or "grades" and then fax or email them to Pensacola.

Do I need to buy books?
For online: Yes.  For onbase: No, but there is a book rental fee of $25 per class, per term.