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Academic Policies

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Academic Load

The student is responsible for determining the academic load that can be mastered during each term. Typical course loads, based on an eight-week schedule, are as follows:

Half (½) time – 3 semester hours
Three-quarter (¾) time – 5 semester hours
Full time – 6 semester hours
To determine academic load for schedules other than eight weeks (i.e. early four/late four, etc.), consult the CTC PFEC representative in your area.
Final determination of academic load for purposes of VA benefits payments rests with the Veterans Administration, not our institution. Questions about VA payments must be sent by the student directly to the VA office serving their area.
Working students and students who may have difficulty with college level courses are encouraged to consult with Central Texas College personnel or the Education Center or Navy Campus Office counselors for advice on the number of hours that they should take.

Attendance Policy

Students are required to regularly attend all classes for which they have enrolled and are required to be in classrooms on time. Absences for any reason negatively affect the learning process, the individual student, and the class. When absence from class is necessary for any reason, the student has the responsibility to arrange to make-up assignments missed during the absence. The student is required to notify instructors in advance of any absence to retain the privilege of submitting make-up work without grade penalty.

Excessive Absences

Absence from class for any reason must not exceed PFEC standards.  In general, students may be administratively withdrawn from any class with the grade of "F" when their unexcused absences reach a total equal to 12½ % of the class hours for the course.


Students attending a 48-hour class during an eight-week period normally meet for 16 sessions of three hours each. Students accumulating two unexcused absences (6 hours) are subject to administrative withdrawal since the total unexcused absences equal 12½ % of class hours for the course.

Students attending 96-hour classes are subject to administrative withdrawal after they have accumulated 12 hours of unexcused absences.

Excused absences, for any reason, cannot be provided by any CTC PFEC employee other than your instructor. Regardless of the reason for the absence, the student is responsible for completing all coursework covered during the absence.