Central Texas College

Books/Instructional Materials

 Students within the Pacific Far East Campus need to order textbooks and course materials online instead of purchasing through the local CTC office. Ordering can be done quickly from our textbook partner, MBS Direct, to ensure speedy delivery to your APO/FPO or civilian address.

Ordering your course materials directly from MBS Direct will afford you more options. For example, eBooks will reduce your overall cost - a savings passed directly on to you! Also,MBS guarantees to have all your required textbooks and course materials in stock and delivered within approximately seven to 10 days.

Ordering is easy and efficient by visiting just one website:

  1. Visit our online bookstore at http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/ctcpfec.htm. (Classes and materials will be posted by the first day of registration for each term.)
  2. Select your term and classes.
  3. Select your textbook(s) and course materials.
  4. Enter your APO/FPO shipping address. If you do not have an APO/FPO address, enter a civilian address where you wish to have the materials shipped.
  5. Provide your credit card for billing.
  6. Confirm and finalize your order for delivery.

MBS Direct has been a trusted partner of CTC for several years and currently serves thousands of our military students throughout the world. We have no doubt they will serve your needs with the same level of integrity and consistency. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask your CTC representative or contact us directly at bookstore.pfec@ctcd.edu.

Important information for students using Pell grants, Ssudent loans and scholarships to purchase textbooks

Option 1: Students can still utilize MBS Direct to purchase materials using their credit card as payment. At the end of the term, Central Texas College will refund any funds remaining in your student account.

Option 2: Central Texas College financial aid students worldwide are able to charge textbooks to their financial aid accounts via the Killeen campus CTC bookstore only. Students should be aware it takes five days for materials to ship from the CTC Bookstore and seven to 10 days for Priority mail. Ordering as early as possible will ensure your materials arrive during the first week of class. Books sell out very quickly using this option. Books may not be available and may need to be purchased through MBS Direct.

Eligible students may log onto http://www.ctcbookstore.com, select their books, choose the payment type of "financial aid" and supply their student ID number. When checking out, they will need to make a choice of whether they will pick up the books or have them shipped. If they choose to have them shipped, the shipping charges will also be deducted from the available financial aid funds.

Remember, federal rules still apply.